EastEnders’ Phil gets bombshell brain damage diagnosis that devastates fans

Phil Mitchell may never be the same again as doctors have revealed he might have brain damage.

The Albert Square hardman was rushed into hospital after being smacked over the head with a wrench by Stacey Fowler.

And his condition deteriorated because Ben did not immediately call an ambulance and left his dad in a pool of blood while he tried to frame Keanu Taylor.

Phil was found unconscious with a serious head wound and doctors confirmed he had suffered from a subdural hematoma – a collection of blood outside the brain.

After an immediate operation, the worried Mitchel clan discovered what was going on with Phil.

Delivering the diagnosis, the doctor said: "We still have no way of knowing if any long term damage has been done."

Mortified Sharon asked: "You mean brain damage?"

The doctor replied: "Given the amount of blood it may have been building up inside his skull for some time.

"At the moment we are keeping Mr Mitchell in a medically induced coma.

"I really wish I had better news but the truth is we don’t know what state he’s going to be in when we bring him round."

Will Philip ever be the same again?

EastEnders viewers flocked to Twitter after Phil's diagnosis was revealed.

One viewer said: "Phil left permanently brain-damaged?"

"Phil Mitchell will wake from that coma fighting fit – he is indestructible," added another.

A third joked: "I know what state Phil's going to be in when he comes round … angry!"

EastEnders actor Max Bowden, who plays Ben Mitchell, has also hinted that Phil could suffer a brain injury.

Speaking to the Mirror, Max teased the repercussions of Ben leaving his dad to frame Keanu rather than call 999 straight away.

The actor said: "He's found the perfect opportunity to get one over on Keanu and try to remove him from the picture, which is a massive conflict of interest because it then leaves Phil not having as much time as he needs or necessarily should.

"But I think he's so broken by what's happened in the previous episodes, finding out that Keanu's in the will and he's not, that I think his mind goes into a complete overdrive."

*EastEnders continues on Monday on BBC One at 8pm

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