EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell clashes with Kheerat Panesar after shock Arches decision

KHEERAT Panesar will clash with Ben Mitchell as his plan to take over the Arches go awry.

Ben will butt heads with the businessman (Played by Jaz Deol) after he becomes a joint partner at the Mitchell garage.

Kheerat invests in his new business venture in the hopes of impressing his mum, but Suki is not happy.

Jay is shocked to hear that Kheerat is now a joint partner at The Arches and
warns that he should be more of a silent partner.

Callum is worried about Kheerat being so involved in the business but Ben insists he’s fine but when Kheerat announces he’s struck a deal for some new business, Ben is frustrated.

The pair are at odds over how to run The Arches and Ben announces he wants out, leaving Kheerat furious.

Suki later makes a start on clearing out Jag’s stuff and throws everything in the bin much to Kheerat and Ash’s horror.

Later on, a police car arrives- but who is it for?

Callum and Kheerat had previously hatched a plan to beat up Paul Coker’s killer- Simon Atmore.




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