EastEnders spoilers: Linda Carter's drinking spirals out of control as Mick confides in Sharon

EASTENDERS' Linda Carter’s drinking threatens to ruin her son Ollie’s nativity as she battles her growing addiction.

Fans of the BBC One soap know that the pub landlady needs help and in an upcoming episode a desperate Mick confides in Sharon after he spots Linda necking it during her son's school performance.

The Queen Vic landlady is at the centre of a dark storyline tackling alcohol addiction.

Linda has turned to drink as she struggles with family drama in the wake of Ollie’s autism diagnosis.

Viewers saw her failing to cope and necking wine with Billy Mitchell following the news.

The landlady has also been struggling to fit in with the other mum’s at school and suffered from a recent cancer scare.

In an upcoming episode, Mick is frustrated Ollie didn’t land a main role in the school nativity and plans his own version instead.

Mick realises it's not as easy as it sounds but is delighted when Bailey comes forward with a tale she entered for a Christmas story competition.

In the upcoming scenes, Mick invites the school mums to the performance but isn’t prepared for their brutal response.

Later, with the nativity in full swing, Mick spots Linda drinking.

In the upcoming scenes, he confides in Sharon who promises to keep an eye on Linda.

The nativity is a huge success but when Sharon suggests Linda spend more time with Mick, Linda brushes her off.

EastEnders bosses have confirmed that things are going to get much worse for Linda as the landlady is set to slide deeper into alcoholism in what they describe as a huge storyline for the Carters.

The BBC One soap's boss Jon Sen said: “Linda’s descent into alcoholism will be instantly recognisable to many.

“It’s a journey that begins with a single drink to cope with the everyday ups and downs, but quickly escalates to a point which wreaks devastation on their life and the lives of those around them.

He added: “In telling Linda’s story, we hope that anyone in Linda’s situation, or those around them, notice the signs of alcoholism and seek the help needed.”

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