El Camino: Breaking Bad creator SPEAKS OUT on if Walter White is really DEAD

The last scene of Breaking Bad’s final episode, Felina, saw a gunshot wounded Walter White fall over in the Nazi’s meth lab. Lying – what appeared to be – dead on the ground with his eyes open, the camera panned out as the cops descended on the criminal operation. But now that El Camino, set in the direct aftermath of Felina, is hitting Netflix on Friday, Breaking Bad fans are wondering if Walt survived. After all, Bryan Cranston was at the El Camino premiere and it’s been speculated that he’ll reprise his role as Walt in the movie.

Well, now Breaking Bad creator and El Camino director Vince Gilligan has given a definitive answer.

Appearing on The Rich Eisen Show, he said: “You know what, yeah.

“I’m gonna give you that one too…yes, Walter White is dead.”

So just how could Walt feature in El Camino if the drug lord is really gone?

Well, Gilligan has previously said that over 10 Breaking Bad characters will feature in the movie.

And interestingly, most of the cast who attended the El Camino premiere saw their characters perish by the end of the series.


Considering this, our best bet is for flashbacks as Jesse comes to terms with everything that’s happened to him.

Certainly, this is something the actors have done before, with the antepenultimate episode Ozymandias beginning with a flashback to Walt and Jesse cooking in the RV.

Meanwhile, an Express.co.uk source who attended the El Camino premiere has given a spoiler-free first reaction to the Breaking Bad movie.

They enthused: “It’s very unique as it doesn’t feel like a normal film or even a very long episode of Breaking Bad.

“It serves more as a capstone for Jesse’s story and Breaking Bad itself.”

The source added: “Definitely in a league of its own. There are so many great moments.

“I don’t think any of the fans are going to be disappointed; it’s very well executed.

“The cinematography is just breathtaking. The sound design and the music too.

“It’s very well done; a treat to watch.”

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie streams on Netflix on Friday.

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