Emilia Clarke Tried to Warn Us That We Weren’t Going To Like Daenerys’s Game of Thrones Ending

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones is officially here, and it’s fair to say the reactions have been… divided! Tonight’s episode “The Bells” saw Daenerys taking the fight to King’s Landing after Cersei executed Missandei last week, and exacting vengeance by burning the entire city to the ground. Yes, that includes scores of innocent civilians, many of them children. While this shocking twist vindicated many fans’ predictions that Dany would succumb to madness just like her father before her, it also felt like a pretty stunning character assassination with little to no buildup, and means that next week’s finale will almost certainly see Dany being murdered by her lover/nephew Jon Snow.

But as it turns out, Emilia Clarke might have low-key tried to warn us all that we weren’t going to be thrilled with Dany’s ending months ago. At HBO’s Emmys party last year, Clarke was asked whether she had filmed her final scenes yet – the answer was yes – and whether she was “happy with how things ended”. There are truly no words to fully summarize the expression on Clarke’s face after this question gets asked, but thankfully several eagle-eyed Twitter users were on hand to share the moment after tonight’s episode:

As the ET interview notes, Clarke did not say yes. What did she say? “Best season ever!” while simultaneously laughing and grimacing and side-eyeing the camera in a manner that suggested it was, in fact, anything but.

In conclusion, Dany might have flipped her lid, but Emilia Clarke remains a queen. And we all should have seen this mess coming.

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