Emmerdale Cain susses Caleb, EastEnders icon sacked and 23 more soap spoilers

Secrets are sussed in an emotional week for the soaps, with heartbreak on the cards for many of the genre’s biggest and best characters.

Cain Dingle isn’t too sure what to make of Caleb Milligan in Emmerdale after the latter starts to push struggling Moira to sell her land to Kim Tate, but will Caleb be able to cover his tracks?

Over in EastEnders, Alfie Moon receives his marching orders from new Queen Vic landlady Elaine Peacock, who isn’t fussed on him after he turns up late for his shift.

Wedding joy hits Hollyoaks as Ste Hay and James Nightingale walk down the aisle in what will prove to be unmissable scenes, but there is emotion aplenty for Juliet, who receives an update about her cancer ahead of her brother’s big day.

Coronation Street, meanwhile, sees Faye Windass left with some explaining to do after Craig Tinker goes in search of her, but will he find her with her ex Jackson Hodge?

Sounds like quite the week, right?

Metro.co.uk can confirm that it most certainly is, so without wasting a second more, why not feast your eyes on our bumper look at our guide, detailing all of next week’s (May 15 to 19) soapy shenanigans?


1. Linda is devastated in the fallout of the Vic break-in, with a picture of Mick having been ruined. Elaine, however, is unfazed, leaving Linda upset, with matters becoming worse when the newcomer begins to change the normal runnings of the pub. Eve confirms Nish is untrustworthy, leaving Elaine desperate to take down the Panesars, but Eve urges the new landlady to reconsider, reiterating that Linda doesn’t need such stress, which prompts Elaine to speak to Linda, with the two having a heart-to-heart. Elaine, however, makes a secret phone call, sharing her hopes that the mystery man on the other end will move in to The Vic with her.

2. Alfie is taken aback when Elaine makes it clear that she’s not impressed with him, giving him what for when he turns up late for his shift. Alfie does his best to charm the new landlady, suggesting a cocktail night by mixing some signature drinks for Kat and Phil to toast a drink to Peggy. Kat, meanwhile, senses Elaine’s hesitation towards Alfie and shows her support for him.

3. Stacey’s money worries escalate, with the bailiffs arriving to clear out No.31. Stacey is adamant that she’ll deal with it, and soon receives an offer from Secret Cam, which she contemplates. Eve returns home to find Stacey all dolled up, but their attention is soon elsewhere when they find out that Lily is bullying a girl at school, with the 12-year-old’s behaviour having been influenced as a result of her own bullying. Martin and Stacey share a heart-to-heart, with Martin’s words unknowingly giving Stace the reassurance that she needed.

4. Lola’s health deteriorates, with a karaoke leaving party proving too much for her as she retreats outside, with Denise, Honey and Kathy coming to realise that she is missing. Lola is found by Billy on the floor outside the gym, and upon returning home, it comes to light that her speech and mobility is impaired. Later at the hospital, Lola wakes up with her loved ones by her side, learning that her palliative chemotherapy treatment hasn’t worked.

5. Determined to make memories with Lola, Jay breaks her out of the hospital for a fun-filled day at the seaside. Lola spots a ruby necklace which she hopes to buy Lexi for her 16th birthday, with the pair subsequently sharing a heart-to-heart by the seafront. Lola, however, stole the necklace, and the couple are interrupted by a police officer and the shopkeeper.

6. Callum convinces Ben to make things right with Lola, with the mechanic promising to be there for Lexi when Lola is no longer able to.

7. Kim is still struggling to cope with her anxiety and insists that Pearl needs to go to the hospital after she is sick. Noticing Kim’s erratic behaviour, Sonia steps in to examine Pearl and later encourages Kim to accept that she needs help.

Coronation Street

8. Amy informs Mia that Aaron raped her, but Aaron later claims that he and Amy slept together but that Amy subsequently ‘cried rape’ before changing her mind, dropping the case. Mia is appalled, reporting Amy to the police for harassment. Amy, infuriated, writes down her ordeal, with Steve encouraging her to post it online. Aaron subsequently loses his job as a result of the online post, but Eric sets about suing Amy for libel, with Steve and Tracy determined to fight it all the way, despite the financial cost.

9. Daniel urges Daisy to tell Ryan the truth about Crystal so Daisy visits Ryan but he makes it clear that he doesn’t need her pity when he’s got real friends like Crystal who genuinely care about him.

10. Max is furious to find out that David watched the video he recorded for Daniel. Daniel, however, has an idea as he returns to the STC and hands Max his mobile, which has a message from David on it. Will Max feel like recording a response?

11. Jackson tells Faye that, by choosing Craig over him, she’s making the biggest mistake of her life. Craig, meanwhile, sets about tracking Faye down, calling her phone, which he hears ringing from the furniture shop. Hearing Craig approach, Faye orders Jackson to hide under a desk as Craig enters the shop, will he find Faye alone with her ex?

12. Eliza reminds Hope and Sam about her birthday party and Stu entices Liam and Jake to come to the party.  As Stu heads off, Hope warns the boys that they won’t enjoy the party at all.  Roy wonders why Hope is being so unkind.

13. At the tram stop, Brian and Mary await the arrival of Isabella, Brian’s cousin.  When an elegant Italian woman emerges, Brian’s bowled over.

14. Linda returns to the cobbles, delighted to have been invited to Gemma and Chesney’s wedding.


15. Moira reels in the wake of news about Mackenzie and Chloe as she pieces together months worth of lies from her brother, before encouraging him to go and fix things with his beloved Charity. Chloe, meanwhile, reveals the truth to Amy, confirming that Mack is baby Reuben’s dad.

16. Caleb continues to watch from afar as he learns more about Moira’s financial hardship, with Kim on board for his plot to have his sister sell them Butlers. Out of options, Moira admits defeat in emotional scenes, much to the shock of Cain, who is wary when Caleb suggests he’s got a way out – selling her farmland to Kim Tate! Moira is unimpressed at first, but she later tells Kim to make her an offer.

17. Nicky is left stressed when several attempts to log-in to Kim’s laptop almost results in the device locking, as he urges Caleb to find another way. Caleb does just that, seeking help from his contact Adrian, who provides him with USB sticks that will enable him to install malware on Kim’s laptop and obtain her passwords.

18. Wendy discovers that Liam is a published author under the name Anna Le Monde, with the two co-workers bonding as Wendy helps Liam with an ending for his short story. Wendy blatantly lies to Bob so that she can attend a murder mystery convention with Liam, much to his surprise.

19. Despite what happened the previous week, Mandy still only has eyes for Paddy, but is there any chance of happiness for the two former lovers?

20. Jimmy is crushed after an inadvertent mention of Carl causes Tom to flee the Scrapyard.


21. Ste is nowhere to be found on the morning of his wedding to James, but he’s eventually located, with subsequent scenes seeing the grooms-to-be have an open and honest chat, with James proving he’s willing to compromise, coming up with a plan ahead of the ceremony to prove his love for Ste. Everyone is left in awe as a taxi pulls up outside the venue, with James and Ste stepping out, having swapped outfits. Ste is wearing a suave suit, while James has donned a rainbow-coloured tracksuit suit!

22. Juliet is delighted when she’s told that she’s clear of norovirus and free to return home, but there’s heartbreaking scenes to follow, with doctors telling her that her kidney function hasn’t improved, leaving Peri in tears as she struggles to process what this means. Attention turns to James’ wedding, with Juliet sharing a heartfelt moment on the dancefloor with her big brother, before she collapses from exhaustion.

23. Sam is trying to make amends and move past the row with Zoe, but a girly afternoon in the salon reminds the detective that there shouldn’t be so many issues so early in the relationship – and that she needs to do what’s right for herself.

24. Mercedes tries to give Felix the leftovers from the winnings, but he refuses, reiterating that the cash belongs to the McQueens. With all the family struggling to decide what it should be spent on, Sally takes matters into her own hands choosing something which unites the family with a chippy tea for them all to share.

25. Warren is left concerned when Norma has an injured wrist. Norma claims she was attacked, but when Warren wants revenge on whoever it was that’s to blame, she’s forced to admit that she tripped and fell over.

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