Emmerdale fans heartbroken as Arthur blames himself for Laurel’s abortion

During Monday night's episode of Emmerdale, viewers were left heartbroken as Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) blamed himself for his mum's decision to get an abortion.

Earlier in the episode, Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) had considered telling the kids that she'd had a miscarriage to avoid telling them she was getting an abortion as she felt "ashamed".

However she ended up telling the truth, and while Gabby (Rosie Bentham) was supportive, Arthur was left confused.

The youngster asked his mum if it was because of his recent bad behaviour over the past year, concerned that Laurel was worried about having another difficult child.

Laurel and Jai tried their best to reassure him he had nothing to do with the decision, but the exchange left viewers upset.

One said: "My heart breaks for Arthur, bless him."

Another said: "Arthur you are not to blame. Laurel is only getting rid of the baby because of her struggles with addiction. It has nothing to do with the kids at all. Laurel made a good call in telling the kids sooner. It will just take Arthur time to process what is going on."

A third tweeted: "Poor Laurel… and Arthur! It's a very difficult situation."

Someone else said: "Aww Arthur," adding tearful emojis.

And a fifth added: "Arthur you need to understand where Laurel is coming from," with some heartbroken emojis too.

Earlier in the episode, Laurel told Jai: "I've decided to tell them I've had a miscarriage, protect them from the truth."

Jai told her that Gabbie and Arthur were old enough to understand, but Laurel still wasn't convinced.

She said: "It's too much for them, I don't want them involved, asking questions.

"I don't want them to handle it, I don't want us to handle it but we have to."

She added: "What's the point of putting them through it? Ignorance is bliss."

However she later changed her mind and told the truth, no matter how difficult it was.

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