Emmerdale fans spot Leyla’s huge blunder that could have stopped Maya kidnapping Jacob

EMMERDALE fans have spotted a huge blunder that could have stopped Maya Stepney kidnapping Jacob Gallagher.

Viewers were left horrified when they discovered Maya had survived a brutal attack following a showdown with Leyla Harding, Tracy Metcalfe and Priya Kotecha.

She then reunited with Jacob and planned their escape in a special flashback episode on Tuesday night.

Leyla is convinced that grooming victim Jacob got on a flight to Portugal to stay with their sister and put the Maya nightmare behind him.

But instead of making sure he made it out there, Leyla doesn't think to give Alicia a call to check.

The gaffe left viewers rolling their eyes.

One moaned: "Why hasn't Leyla at least tried calling Alicia to check Jacob actually got on the plane in the first place? #Emmerdale #BigNightOut."

Another added: "Wouldn’t Alicia have contacted David or Leyla enquiring as to why Jacob didn’t turn up in Portugal."That’s the first thing I would have done. The nasty little oik seems to be able to do and say what he likes and he’s clearly made his choice. #Emmerdale."

Someone else wondered: "So Layla, Alicia & David haven’t communicated with each other once?

"Jacob tells Alicia he’s decided not to go to Portugal but Alicia doesn’t ring David or Layla to ask why he changed his mind?! Or if he’s ok? What a load of shite, Emmerdale!"

Another fan said: "No one checks with Alicia if Jacob is in Portugal #Emmerdale."

Tonight Jacob's dad David Metcalfe will discover Jacob is planning to flee the village with Maya.

He only gets wind of the plan when he gets a call from Jacob’s school telling him his son didn’t turn up for his first GCSE exam.

Despite working out who Jacob is no doubt with, David refuses to call the police when his ex Priya Sharma urges him to.

Maya – played by Louisa Clein – has been secretly grooming and abusing Jacob behind boyfriend David’s back for months while David hasn’t suspected a thing.

He even planned to ask the teacher to marry him, unaware that she had promised Jacob she’d dump his dad to be with him properly once he’d finished his exams.

But Maya’s shocking secret was revealed last month while some of the villagers headed for a night out in Hotten.

Maya had stormed out of the club after seeing David kissing his ex-wife Tracy and ran outside where Jacob was waiting for her.

As they kissed passionately, Priya headed outside looking for her dropped purse and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the pair kissing.

She tried to confront them but they disappeared so she headed back into the club where she told a stunned Tracy and Leyla Harding – Jacob’s biological mum – what she’d seen.

Leyla was livid and tricked Maya back to the club with the promise of a ride home. But instead of heading back to the village, the women took Maya into some woods and attacked her.

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