Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle's life in danger as she blackmails Mackenzie Boyd to get in on his dodgy deal

MANDY Dingle puts her life in danger as she blackmails Mackenzie Boyd to get in on his dodgy deal next week in Emmerdale. 

Paul Ashdale – who was killed in the dramatic wedding barn explosion last week – left the Dingles in trouble after running up huge debts in Lydia’s name.

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Next week, Mandy sorts through Paul’s possessions while Lydia and Sam head to the bank to prove that Lydia’s credit card debts were incurred fraudulently. 

Mandy heads to find Charity and begs for a bailout for Paul’s funeral, but she doesn’t get the answer she was hoping for when Charity offers to buy the salon.

Later, Vinny finds a notebook amongst Paul’s things and is shocked to read a comprehensive account of his winnings and losses.

When he shows it to Liv, she tries to persuade him to think about something else.

But when she leaves, viewers will see Vinny peruse Paul’s information on future tips and log into a gambling website.

Later, Nicola and Mack discuss their next dodgy deal, but they’re unsettled when they realise Mandy is listening in. 

Meanwhile, Vinny places a secret bet and Mandy is horrified when she walks in on him watching the end of the race.

Mandy is concerned when Vinny seems thrilled that his bet was a winner – and worried he’ll end up like Paul.

Mandy decides to take matters into her own hands and pays Mack a visit at Butlers, threatening to snitch on him unless he cuts her in.

Mack is forced to agree when he realises Mandy won’t take no for an answer.

But when Mandy and Mack meet with Kev, Mandy’s actions leave them both in serious danger.

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