Emmerdale spoilers: Maya Stepney and Jacob Gallagher set go on the run with their passports – is David Metcalfe too late to save his son?

EMMERDALE fans were delighted last week when teenage grooming victim Jacob Gallagher made a return to the village.

But it looks like their happiness will be short-lived as the schoolboy is secretly plotting to grab paedophile Maya Stepney’s passport and the £10k she has stashed and go on the run with her again – this time abroad.

In tonight’s episode his worried dad David Metcalfe will ask Ryan Stocks to install some secret spyware on Jacob’s laptop as he’s worried his son is still in contact with the sick teacher.
And David will find his worst fears confirmed when he is notified that Jacob has messaged Maya telling her he has found her passport and plans to join her soon.
Jacob will then arrange to meet up with Maya at the village cricket pavilion, oblivious to the fact that David can see everything.
But will David be able to stop Maya before she and Jacob vanish overseas forever?

Spoilers have revealed that David will finally come face to face with Maya – who he dated – when he turns up at the cricket pavilion instead of his son.

The police will also arrive at the scene, bundling Maya into a car just as a devastated Jacob arrives.
Matthew Wolfenden who plays David recently spoke out about the grooming storyline, revealing the heart-breaking detail that Jacob will still be in love with Maya – even after her arrest.
Matthew has revealed that the arrest is just the start of a longer journey ahead for Jacob, who’s hoping to get back with Maya.

Matthew says: ‘David absolutely believes he has done the right thing. Now that he knows the truth, he absolutely despises Maya.

"There’s no emotion over losing his girlfriend. That completely goes out of the window and it’s now pure, unadulterated hate.  "David wants Maya to go away to prison and for the key to be thrown away.
"Jacob actually witnesses Maya being handcuffed and put into the police car."

"He’s obviously devastated and thinks that David has completely ruined his life. He still wants to be with Maya and thinks they’re in love.
"This is the start of the hard times for David and Jacob. The fact that Maya has been arrested is not the end of the storyline. I think it’s the beginning of the next chapter.'

"I don’t know what’s going to happen next, because as far as Jacob thinks, David has ruined his life. I don’t know if he’s ever going to come around to the fact that David hasn’t. It’s definitely not going to be a quick fix."

Matthew also praised actor Joe-Warren Plant, who plays Jacob, for doing such a good job with the storyline.
He said: "I’m very proud of Joe-Warren. It's incredible that he’s been put up for Best Young Performer at the Soap Awards, which I think he deserves more than anything.
"I’ve been with Joe now since he was seven years old, when he first auditioned for the show. I’ve seen him grow up into somebody who’s nearly a foot taller than me, which is very annoying!  He’s just blossomed within this storyline. I know he’s 17 now, but the show has given a child actor such a huge storyline. The way that he’s gone about it – so professional and grown up – is incredible.”

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