Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy Metcalfe gives birth as Nate Robinson cradles his baby daughter

TRACY Metcalfe gives birth as Nate Robinson cradles his baby daughter next week in Emmerdale. 

Tracy nearly sabotaged their relationship last month when she accused Nate of sleeping with his former flame Moira Dingle.

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But Nate quickly made clear he’d been trying to surprise her with a pregnancy pillow to help her get a good night’s sleep.

Next week it will be Nate who puts their relationship at risk when he struggles to cope when Tracy goes into labour. 

Viewers will see a worried Nate set himself gory tests to try and prepare himself for the birth. 

Nate worries about how he will fare when Cain and Moira go away for a night and leave Kyle and Isaac with him and Tracy. 

Cain drops off the kids’ belongings and gets ready to leave, but when they see that Tracy is doubled up in pain they rush to help. 

Tracy is in denial and grows convinced it’s Braxton Hicks but her waters break. 

Cain rushes to get his car and drives them to hospital, where Tracy is taken off to the labour ward.

Nate feels overwhelmed by the situation and ends up bonding with Cain in the corridor.

Encouraged by Cain’s words, Nate rushes back to Tracy for the final stages of her labour. 

As she gives birth, Nate holds up his daughter in his hands. 

Will Nate and Tracy get a happily ever after?

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