Emmerdale’s David risks paedo Maya abusing his son again for ridiculous reason

Emmerdale fans have blasted David Metcalfe for making another 'ridiculous' decision.

David received abuse from viewers a couple of weeks ago when he started screaming at his son Jacob Gallagher, who has been groomed for months.

And the shop worker didn't impress fans tonight when he risked Maya Stepney getting her clutches back on the teenager.

Leyla Harding pleaded with David to contact the police so that the paedophile teacher would be banged up.

But David decided that he would not call the authorities, instead turning vigilante, for a ridiculous reason.

The pair convinced a reluctant Ryan to install spying software on Jacob's laptop, under the guise that they were making sure he was studying for his exams.

Leyla admitted she was worried, but David argued he was thinking of his son's safety.

When asked to phone the police, David said: "I want answers from Maya too. If the police get to her first I'm not going to get the chance."

Emmerdale viewers took to Twitter to slam David for not ringing the police.

One angry viewer said: "“This is about his safety” eh no calling the police would be! seriously David u are a terrible terrible parent!"

Another added: "Here’s a plan go down to the police station and report her, talk about dragging it out"

A third agreed: "David just thinking about himself…"

David went through with his plan when Jacob returned from his exam and handed his laptop back over.

Leyla said their son would never forgive them if he found out the truth.

Later on, Jacob said the internet was down at home and needed time away from David so came over to study at her house.

When she went upstairs to give him some space, Jacob started looking around for Maya's passport and money.

He found them in a paper bag in a draw, then rushed to tell Maya he had them by email.

The message read: "I’ve got what you need. It’s here waiting for you. Jacob."

Will Jacob run off with Maya – or will they be caught?

*Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm

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