Emmerdale’s Eden Taylor-Draper is constantly tearful around Lisa Dingle actress

Emmerdale actress Eden Taylor-Draper has confessed she finds herself tearful whenever she sees her co-star Jane Cox, who plays her on-screen mother.

Belle’s mother Lisa Dingle is dying from a terminal heart condition, with the character recently breaking the news to her daughter and the rest of the family.

The character confirmed she only had months to live, after being diagnosed with amyloidosis, which she described as there being protein in places it shouldn’t be, and that it was killing her.

In Lisa's instance, the build-up of protein is in her heart and, with there nothing more doctors can do for her, she explained it would eventually lead to heart failure.

Now, a backstage video filmed for ITV’s Lorraine has shared a glimpse into some of Lisa’s finally moments on the soap.

Viewers have seen Lisa and husband Zak agree to marry again, wanting to spend the months she has left by his side.

The crew teased the wedding and what was to come, with actress Eden sharing her sadness over Lisa’s impending exit.

She told guest presenter Kimberley Walsh: “Whenever I see her I could literally burst into tears because it feels so real, cos I’ve known her for like 15 years.”

Zak actor Steve Halliwell also opened up about the storyline, following his character's heartache.

He’s struggled to come to terms with his wife’s prognosis, and actor Steve has confessed he too is “sad” ahead of the scenes.

Steve said: “I know it’s a cliché but it is like a family, and when you lose one of them it’s sad.”

It’s not yet been revealed when Lisa’s final scenes or episode will air, but it’s thought to be soon.

Viewers were left emotional when they discovered the upcoming death, and then again when Lisa announced the news to the Dingle clan.

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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