Emmerdale’s Kerry will get PREGNANT with Cain’s baby after one night stand behind Moira’s back, claim fans

EMEMRDALE's Kerry Wyatt will fall pregnant with Cain Dingle’s baby behind Moira Barton’s back, fans have claimed.

The Sun revealed that Cain (Jeff Hordley) puts the final nail in the coffin of his marriage to cheating Moira next week when she walks in on him mid-romp with Kerry.

Now viewers are convinced his revenge-tumble in the sack will result in another Dingle offspring.

One viewer tweeted: "Kerry is probably gonna end up falling pregnant with cains baby"

Another said: "Time for #Emmerdale, can't wait for Cain to get his REVENGE!!!"

However, another fan believes Cain will get with Amy, writing on Twitter last night: "So Cain and Amy are going away together.


"There will be funny business. When they come back Cain will get back with Moira and then the Christmas bombshell – Amy is pregnant."

Moira – played by Natalie J Robb in Emmerdale – is desperate to win her husband back and tells him she wants to move back into Butlers and fight for everything they have.

She tries to explain what led her to sleeping with hunky farmhand Nate, but Cain is clearly unmoved by her pleas.

Cain tries to look away from her, but Moira takes his head in her hands, knowing he still loves her. She kisses him and is enthused when Cain doesn’t pull away. But he quickly snaps out of it and tells her he wants her out.

Moira is defiant and slams out while Cain’s look darkens.

Later, at the Woolpack, Kerry (Laura Norton) flirts with Cain and there’s a charged moment between them. As Moira is ready to move back in and start working on things with Cain, she’s crushed when she walks in on him and Kerry having sex.

Cain enjoys seeing how devastated Moira is and Moira knows he’s put an end to their marriage for good.

Moira began a steamy affair with Nate back in the summer but was caught out by her husband two weeks ago.

A furious Cain vowed to kill Nate, who dropped the bombshell that he’s his son, leaving fans stunned.

Fans were left open-mouthed after the bombshell – before the boat's sail swung road and sent Moira flying into the water to her possible death.

Viewers were horrified that he'd knowingly had sex with his step-mum, tweeting: "I've just realised.. if Cain is Nate's dad, then he's technically been s**gging his own stepmum…?"

Gripping scenes saw Cain and Nate grappling on the deck of a small yacht after the older man forced him and Moira to join him on a fishing trip.

While Moira was below deck, Cain seethed: "Some women, they read magazines, watch reality TV, that kind of thing. Moira does sex.

"She says it's the only thing that stops her thinking. So when it comes to blokes, she doesn't really make the best choices."

Nate replied: "Your missus is bored of your boring life and your boring marriage. That's why he's going behind your back with me.

"In the caravan, the barn, in your bed while you were in Scotland. Last night, all night. The sex was the best she's ever had, obviously."

After that, Cain grabbed a plank and knocked him out cold – but he later came round, bursting onto the deck roaring: "You're pathetic, old man."

Putting his face close to Cain's, he growled: "Nate. Short for Nathaniel. Look at me and remember.

"You see me now – Dad? You must have known that I'd come for you one day. I'm your son."

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