Endeavours Shaun Evans addresses very difficult ending

Trailer for Endeavour starring Shaun Evans

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Endeavour Morse (played by Shaun Evans) and DCI Fred Thursday (Roger Allam) will be back to solve their final cases in the last-ever series which will air later this month. The upcoming episodes, which are set in the early 70s, find Endeavour and Thursday entering a new era of professional and personal change. However, speaking ahead of the drama, lead actor Shaun Evans teased how Endeavour comes to an end.

When discussing shooting the final episodes, he said: “Final episodes are always very difficult.

“You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

“What we wanted to do was to end Endeavour in a way that was fitting to all of the enormous work we had put into it over the last 10 years and also to all of the huge support we have had every year from the audience.

“To not leave anybody feeling short-changed. To leave people feeling emotionally satisfied.”

The actor went on: “It’s also a thank you, in a way.

“To say, ‘Thank you so much for sticking with this over the past number of years.’

“To honour and respect that. So it’s all of those things. Also for it to feel irreconcilable. For it to feel closed.

“In terms of we won’t be seeing Joan and Thursday again.”

The Endeavour Morse star added: “We will see Morse and Strange again ‘later on’ in Inspector Morse but they will be very different versions of themselves. But our story is at its end.”

Shaun has starred in Endeavour since the beginning and has shot 36 films over 10 years.

The first episode of series nine will be set in spring 1972 and will see Endeavour and his sidekick, Thursday solving two unexplained deaths.

One that leads them to the Oxford Concert Orchestra, while a body discovered in a derelict warehouse stokes fears that ‘London business’ involving the criminal underworld has again found its way to Oxford.

Thursday and Endeavour’s investigation unearths some unsettling connections to cases the duo believed were well and truly behind them.

When looking back at his time on the show, Shaun admitted despite being “incredibly proud” of Endeavour he felt now was the right time to move on.

He shared: “I feel incredibly proud of Endeavour.

“Grateful for the experience and proud of the work. Not only my own work but also the work of all of the other actors.

“I’m proud that we’ve all been with it from the start and that everyone has brought their best work repeatedly to it.

“Including Russell Lewis, all of the executive team, all of the directors and all of the actors too.

“I just felt very grateful. But also that it was time to move on.”

Endeavour returns to ITV on February 26 at 8pm.

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