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Eurovision has annually entertained audiences around the world with perfect pop songs since 1956. And this year, many viewers will most likely be marking Saturday night’s final with a Eurovision party. You and your guests can participate in all the drama by playing along at home with’s free Eurovision drinking bingo game.

Six countries are automatically pre-qualified for tomorrow’s Eurovision grand final.

These are the so-called Eurovision “big five”: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — and this year’s host country, Israel.

The other countries took part in one of the two semi-finals.

From each Eurovision semi final, the best ten proceeded to the grand final, bringing the total number off finalists to 26.

Each Eurovision act has to sing live and no live instruments are allowed.

After all songs have been performed, each country will give two sets of 1 to 8, 10 and 12 points; one set given by a jury of five music industry professionals, and one set given by viewers at home.

Viewers can vote by telephone, SMS text message and through the official Eurovision app.

To keep things fair, Eurovision viewers cannot vote for their own country.

Only those countries who participated in the respective semi-final can vote, along with three of the six pre-qualified countries.

Which countries take part and vote in which Semi-Final is determined by the semi-final allocation draw, which took place in January.

In the Eurovision grand final, juries and viewers from all participating countries can vote again, after the 26 finalists have performed.

Eurovision viewers’ votes make up 50 percent of the final result, while the other half of the vote is decided by a national jury in each participating country.

After all songs have been performed, people have 15 minutes to vote for their favourite act, which can be done via telephone or SMS (numbers will appear on-screen) or through the official Eurovision Song Contest app.

Netherlands has been tipped to be the most likely country to win this year’s contest with Duncan Laurence’s song Arcade.

And an algorithm has already predicted the outcome of the 2019 Eurovision final.

And unfortunately for the UK, research conducted by Dance Direct claims our Eurovision entry Michael Rice will only finish in 17th place with his song of Bigger Than Us.

Dance Direct also analysed data from previous competitions to understand what makes a Eurovision performance likely to succeed.

As well as predicting the UK’s and Netherlands’ position, the Eurovision algorithm has Italy in second place followed by Sweden and Hungary.

Men are more likely than women to win Eurovision and solo artists tend to place better than groups.

When it comes to countries giving points to the UK, Ireland, Australia and Malta are our biggest fans but the UK gives most of our points to Sweden and Bulgaria.

How to play Eurovision bingo game:

It could not be easier or more fun to play our Eurovision drinking bingo game.

Players simply mark off the 12 items when you see them on your screen.

If you manage to mark off every box, yell out Bingo!.

And you can add to the fun by offering prizes for one completed line, two completed lines and the full house.

You may need to agree on an adjudicator who will make those tough calls on the night, but remember: this position holds great responsibility, so choose wisely.

Alternatively, every time you see one of the items marked on the game, drink a shot.


The Eurovision Song Contest will be held on Saturday, May 18.

Coverage will be on BBC1, fronted by Graham Norton, from 8pm till 11.40pm.

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