Every Incredible Photo You Need to See of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver Filming House of Gucci


From Haus of Gaga to House of Gucci! Lady Gaga and Adam Driver are currently filming the crime biopic House of Gucci in Italy, with Gaga posting this photo of the pair looking ready to hit the slopes as Gucci heir Maurizio Gucci and his wife (and former Gucci chief advisor) Patrizia Reggiani. 

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In the film, Gaga plays Reggiani, who was sentenced to 29 years of prison after plotting the assassination of her ex-husband, Gucci, who was killed on March 27, 1995. 

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It’s basically a role made for a “strong Italian woman” and/or “an Italian girl from New York.” which we all know Lady Gaga is. 

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While the duo are filming, they’ve been giving us the priceless gift of many photos together in costume. Here, Driver straddles a vespa while the pair get notes from director Ridley Scott. 

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There’s also this photo of Lady Gaga driving a vintage car while Adam Driver sips a drink. 

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And this stunning black-and-white shot that makes the pair look like they really did time travel to the ’70s. 

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Or this amazing series of photos of the pair sharing what looks like a calzone … but could be a panini? Someone please confirm. 

First, Lady Gaga takes a bite. Ladies first! 

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Then, she offers it to Driver. He’s looking a little unsure. (Is this COVID safe?)

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Then, he gives in and takes a bite. What other choice does he have?! When Gaga feeds you a calzone, you eat the calzone! (Or panini, y’all I told you I am still not sure.) 

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And finally, he makes this face that screams, “I just got fed by twelve-time Grammy, two-time Golden Globe, and one-time Oscar winner Lady Gaga a.k.a. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.”

We don’t blame you, Adam. We’d make the same face. 

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