Every Single Thing We Know About Jeremiah Fisher From ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

The Summer I Turned Pretty debuted on Amazon Prime Video today, and there’s no doubt the cast’s fresh faces caused fans to immediately stalk their Instagram pages. One such face would be the character Jeremiah, the ultra-flirty younger Fisher brother who also has his sights set on Belly/would very much like to be included in the narrative and is played by Gavin Casalegno. There’s a lot to Jeremiah as a character, between his love interests and how exactly he finds out about his mom’s health secret. Let’s put on our best Sherlock Holmes ‘fit and dive right into all there is to know about him, shall we? Warning: *major* spoilers for The Summer I Turned Pretty season 1 ahead!

Jeremiah is the youngest Fisher brother

Susannah’s two boys are Conrad (the older bro) and Jeremiah (the younger bro). Though they both have ~tender~ moments throughout the series, they definitely fall into older/younger bro stereotypes. Conrad is a bit hardened because he knows his mother has cancer from the get-go, whereas Jeremiah is more carefree and oftentimes provides levity in scenes, whether he’s messing around with Belly’s brother Steven or playfully interrupting the girls’ debutante ball classes.

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He is hot sh*t at Cousins Beach

Pretty much everyone (like everyyyyyone) has a crush on Jeremiah. From the boy he kisses at a party to the girl who asks him to be her escort at the debutante ball (FYI, he turns her down), people are into him! The scenes at the country club’s pool are filled to the brim with Jeremiah lifeguarding and getting ogled, but, in the end, it’s Belly he wants 👀.

He keeps his feelings for Belly low-key at first

We literally see Belly form a relationship with Cam and also still wrestle with her love for Conrad throughout the show. Jeremiah is there to witness it all, so when he reveals he also has feelings for her, it truly seems to come from left field. It adds a dose of even more drama to the storyline, which, alright, I’m all here for. The two then go on to explore this new romance and make it preeeeeetty hard to fully ‘ship one bond over another because they’re all super cute in their own ways.


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Jealousy? Yeah, he’s heard of it

Just as Belly and Conrad are about to kiss for the first time by the water, Jeremiah catches them and sets off a firework that zooms past them so they wouldn’t have their moment. Petty? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.

He misses the waltz at the debutante ball…but for a good reason

Belly ultimately chooses Jeremiah to be her escort to the debutante ball, but just as the final waltz dance is about to begin, he steals his mom’s phone after suspecting that something is off. He’s proven right when he sits down and reads her emails, which confirm she has cancer. It’s the reason he ends up missing the dance with Belly and ends up getting replaced by, yep, Conrad. The plot thickens!

And that’s pretty much the 411 on all things Jeremiah! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to binge The Summer I Turned Pretty yet again. BTW, you too can watch the full series, which is out now on Amazon Prime Video.

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