Everyone who has died so far in Game of Thrones season 8

What is Dead May Never die or something like that.

With the final season of the beloved Game Of Thrones upon us, we’ve decided to pay homage to all the characters who have bent the knee and died for the cause and say a final good riddance to those who deserve their demise.

The earlier seasons have been littered with huge deaths , from Ned Stark to Tywin Lannister, from the Red Wedding to the Battle of Hardhome, but season 8 takes the cake when it comes to big deaths.

Here is everyone who has died so far in season 8.

You have been warned, this is spoiler territory.

Game of Thrones season 8: Everyone who has died so far in final season

Dolorous Edd

In a rather quick, but gruesome manner, the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch is stabbed in the back, whilst witnessed by longtime friend, Samwell Tarly. A terrible end for a fearless character.

Lady Lyanna Mormont

Her Death, although heartbreaking, was the perfect ending to represent her powerful presence. The Lady of Bear Island, barely a quarter of the size of her ghastly opponent, charges the giant head on, despite her inevitable death. Whilst being crushed, Lyanna has a little life left, yet she manages to slaughter her opponent in one swift stab to the eye. Her brave efforts will be remembered by fans everywhere.

Theon Greyjoy

You either love him or you hate him. Whatever your opinion, Theon has done a lot and been through even more. From betraying his honorary family to becoming Ramsey Bolton’s tortured slave, Theon managed to claw it all back in his final moments, defending Bran as best he can. So, even though it may be a struggle, let's raise a glass to Theon Greyjoy.

Lord Ned Umber

Even though a little less of a memorable character, he did not deserve the gruelling end he suffered. After seeing him pipe up in an early episode of season 8, little Lord Umber falls victim to the White Walkers at Last Hearth, stuck in the centre of a flaming spiral.


The Queen's right-hand-woman, slaughtered in the most Cersei way possible. Leaving her love affair with Unsullied commander, Grey worm, at a heart-wrenching loose end. An extremely unjust ending for such a harmless character, however, with her last words being ‘Dracarys’, her death will most certainly not be in vain.

Ser Beric Dondarrion

I know what you’re thinking, but yes, Beric Dondarrion has officially died, for the second time. In an honourable attempt to save Arya and The Hound, Beric bravely battles with the undead, serving his purpose for the final time.

Ser Jorah Mormont

The most loyal of them all, Jorah Mormont has been to hell and back proving his undying love to Queen Daenerys. As expected, fate fulfilled itself, with the Knight's final moments defending his queen from the darkness of death.


After being shot by Euron’s ships, Rhaegal becomes the second dragon to face an untimely death. Despite the Queen being their mother, she does little to protect Rhaegal in his final moments. A catastrophic death for such a rare creature.


Taking away her execution from Ser Davos, Melisandre collapses to her death outside Winterfell’s Gates. Although she was helpful in the battle against the White Walkers, lighting the armies way with her fiery powers, we will never forget what she did to Shireen Baratheon, which is why it was a perfect ending for The Red Woman.

The Night King

A slightly underwhelming death for the leader of an army who almost destroyed the whole Game Of Thrones cast. The Night King met his demise when attempting to kill Bran Stark. Arya Leaps through the air and plunges her sword into him, immediately bringing to halt the White Walker army.

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