Everything We Know About Outer Banks Season 2

Minor spoilers ahead.

Netflix had a premonition: In the year 2020, with beaches closed and spring breaks canceled, the people would need a steamy island mystery to make quarantine a little less suffocating. And so the hot teen drama Outer Banks was born, dropping on the streaming platform on April 15 in all its North Carolina sun-kissed glory. The series chronicles tension between the working-class Pogues and the wealthy Kooks, as the Pogues hunt for $400 million of sunken treasure.

Our heroes find the treasure, of course, but Netflix would never allow them to walk away easy. At the end of the series, the money is stolen; protagonist John B. is framed for murder; and both John B. and his girlfriend, Sarah, are presumed dead after their boat capsizes in a storm. But, lo and behold, they’re actually on another boat—this one headed to the Bahamas, where they hope to reclaim their spoils.

It’s a delicious dramatic adventure, but there’s a lot we don’t know about what will happen next. Here’s everything we’ve uncovered about Season 2 while we wait for it to drop.

Season 2 arrives July 30, 2021.

Outer Banks returns on Friday, July 30, with 10 hour-long episodes. Get a taste of what’s to come with the official trailer above.

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