Family live in 'village' of tiny houses, with each person having their own home

A teenager has become popular on TikTok for sharing videos and tours of her family’s unique home setup, which sees members of the family living in their own mini houses.

Instead of having multiple rooms in one large house, the Brinks family have their own little ‘village’.

TikTokker Lennox and her brother Brodey each have their own small homes/bedrooms along with their parents Keli and Ryan.

There are also separate ‘houses’ that serve as a bathroom, office, barn and pool house.

Lennox, 19, who often shares videos online about her family’s tiny house village, shot a virtual tour of her family’s property.

In it, she says her family made good on their wish to move from Michigan to the southern US in 2015 and got 21 acres of land on the edge of a forest in eastern Kentucky.

They built the ‘environmentally friendly hobby farm’ made up of the small lofted houses on the land in a bid to live as sustainably as possible, as the smaller structures don’t take a lot of energy to keep cool or warm.

The teen told Newsflare: ‘I’m “famous” on TikTok for having tiny houses. This video shows a tour of my tiny house village in southeastern Kentucky.

‘Last summer, I had a video blow up on TikTok that showed my weird living habits. In this video, I show the exterior and interior of each house and give a brief explanation as to why we decided to do this.’

Lennox, who’s got over 471,000 followers on TikTok, says in the video: ‘Obviously this way of living is a little bit unusual so people usually ask for a tour.’

Other than the fact that they’re situated in their own small houses, each other rooms look very normal.

Lennox’s home has a sofa, TV, keyboard, chests of drawers and a ladder leading up to a loft bed, while her brother’s room/house has a small sofa, a TV and a ladder leading up to two loft beds – presumably set up for sleepovers.

The pool house has a table and chairs and is where the family eat dinner and enjoy each other’s company. It leads out on to an elevated deck where the pool sits.

The bathroom building, which has two toilets and a shower, also seems to serve as a utility space for doing laundry and has what looks like a guest bed in an adjoining room.

Keli and Ryan’s house also contains the kitchen, a small living room, and a spacious porch around the front door. The parents also have their own bathroom.

The Brinks have their own garden in the village to grow food as well as their own goats and chickens and, to save more energy, they hang all their clothes outside rather than using a dryer.

Lennox said in the clip: ‘Overall, we use as little energy as possible in an attempt to leave the smallest carbon footprint that we can.’

She also says that their family recycles or composts most of their waste, so they only go through around one bag of garbage a week.

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