‘Fed up of people trying to devolve UK’ Arlene Foster in furious rant at Sturgeon

Former politician and First Minister of Northern Ireland Arlene Foster joined GB News presenter Dehenna Davison during the Political Correction segment on Sunday. During their discussions, talk turned to Nicola Sturgeon wanting Scotland to remove itself from the United Kingdom and become an independent country. Arlene was furious at the claims and expressed that she didn’t want people to “raise the issue” of Brexit once again.

Davison asked Foster if she had anything interesting to talk about from the viewers on Twitter, to which she replied: “Yes.

“Helen says, ‘If Sturgeon wants a referendum, then I think that everyone should vote, not just Scotland’.

“I thought it was interesting when I listened to James Melville talk about Brexit and how Scotland voted against Brexit and that he believes in democracy.

“Brexit was a UK-wide vote, and I say that in slow terms because I am fed up [of] listening to this trying to devolve off different parts of the UK

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“So and so didn’t vote for Brexit. It was a UK-wide vote, simple, let us not raise that issue again, it is very frustrating, I have to say.”

Before Foster’s rant, Davison asked other GB News guest Paul Embery, Firefighter and trade unionist, how the legislation would effect he British government.

He explained: “This is a potential bear trap for the labour party I think because one of the big problems for the labour party have had is the perception in the eyes of the voters.

“They have now gone to the Tories because they said they would get Brexit done and many of these former labour voters voted for Brexit of course.

“If they see once again the Labour party lining up in the European Union and doing anything it can to give the impression the EU is being reasonable and that British government is in the wrong, then they can take that free kick.

“But the danger is they are going to further alienate their own voters including the Brexit voters who they need to win back.”

On Wednesday, Ms Sturgeon unveiled what she called a “refreshed” case for the country’s independence.

She revealed in a press conference in Edinburgh that the government had an “indisputable mandate” for a second independence referendum next year in October.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the 2014 referendum result should be respected.

He said the UK government should focus on the economy and COVID-19 recovery, adding: “That’s the focus of the government.

“We’re working with our friends in the Scottish government, in the Scottish administration, on those issues.”

Ms Sturgeon insisted she won last May’s election with a “clear commitment to give the people of Scotland the choice of becoming an independent country” and that Holyrood had a “decisive majority” of MSPs in favour of independence.

“The Scottish Parliament, therefore, has an indisputable democratic mandate,” she added.

On Sunday, the Scottish Minister accused her opponents of “running scared” of a debate on Scotland’s future.

“The Tories and Labour have completely failed to engage with that point because they know it is true and because they can see how threadbare the case for continued Westminster rule over Scotland has become,’ the First Minister said.

“They simply have no answer, so instead of engaging in that debate, they prefer to engage in the politics of deflection, talking about issues of process when on the issues of substance, the sands are shifting beneath their feet.

“No matter how hard the Westminster parties try and run away from the debate, they cannot dodge reality.

Political Correction airs weekdays from 10am on GB News.

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