Frank Fritz NOT returning to American Pickers after suddenly disappearing from show as he feuds with costar Mike Wolfe

AMERICAN Pickers star Frank Fritz will NOT be returning to the show after suffering from health issues, as producers have decided to focus on Mike Wolfe as the solo host.

The American Pickers alum previously stepped away to recover from back surgery with his last episode airing in March 2020.

Frank, 57, will not return to the History Channel show after feuding with his costar Mike, 57.

However, his absence has nothing to do with their disagreements, TMZ has revealed, as the network has decided to focus on Mike as the sole lead.

Frank has been dealing with several health problems, including undergoing back surgery and suffering from Crohn's disease.

The Sun previously reported the reality star lost 65 pounds after living a healthier lifestyle and remaining sober from alcohol.


The TV personality joined the cast of American Pickers in 2010, but his absence for the last year and a half has seemingly gone unnoticed.

Despite their decade-long co-hosting relationship, Frank revealed that he hasn't spoken to Mike since his departure.

The Illinois native never reached out to check on his co-star post-surgery, after a history of not seeing eye-to-eye.

Frank recently expressed that he would love to return to the show, though a source told TMZ that producers have no plans in place for his reappearance.

The insider also claimed that Mike has been "angling to get his brother Robbie as a co-host" but show creators haven't shown interest there either.


Fans were previously concerned about Frank's disappearance from American Pickers, and have slammed producers for their "secrecy."

During Monday's episode, many took to Twitter to inquire about his whereabouts after nearly two years without airtime.

“I'm left thinking Frank 'Jimmy Hoffa' Fritz!!! 🙁 Just tell us where the little dude is, why all the secrecy????” one ranted.

Another asked: “Where is Frank gone?”

“Where’s Frank?” a fourth wondered.


Frank previously opened up about his future with American Pickers as he told The Sun: “That was a big thing about coming back to the show. How can I come back to the show 65lbs lighter?

"I would like to come back to the show, but we will see. I was doing it for 11 years, but there is a lot of controversy going on right now.

“It’s up to the network whether I come back on the show. It ain’t gonna affect me one bit. I didn’t leave the show, I finished shooting and then I had a little back surgery and the pandemic came," he explained.

Frank then referenced his back issues which he attributed to years of heavy lifting, and how his health has improved since surgery.

“My back is doing perfect. I had a couple of rods put in there. It was from lifting stuff all the time. 

“If you watch the show you can see who the guy is that’s lifting all the time, it’s always me. It had been hurting for a long, long time. I’m talking months and months and months.”

Mike has been caught up in his own personal drama of late after his wife Jodi filed for divorce last year.

The TV star has wasted very little time in moving on though, as he's recently been linked to model Leticia Cline.

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