Furious Katie Price hits back at trolls who claim she's faking her injuries for sympathy calling it 'sick'

KATIE Price has hit out at troll who accused her of faking her horrific injuries and say she's pretending to just get sympathy.

The 42-year-old shut down her haters in the latest instalment on her YouTube channel.

Katie broke both her legs in a freak accident while on holiday in Turkey with her new boyfriend, Carl Woods, 31 and two of her children, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13.

But despite taking fans on a journey of her recovery from having casts fitted to her agonising surgery, some people refused to believe Katie was telling the truth.

"I have properly broken my feet, and the doctors have said it's one of the worst breaks you can do in your feet.

"I haven't just done it in one, I've done it in two feet. And for some reason, you know – I've been in the industry a long time and everyone knows I don't lie about things because everything gets proven always, like 'Oh my god she actually was telling the truth'."

The mum-of-five added: "And for some reason, people think I'm lying about breaking my feet. Number one, why would I lie about it? And number two, people are saying 'Oh it's her trying to get sympathy' – why do I need to get sympathy? Why do I need to pretend I've broken my feet?

"If anything, that's sick."

She also revealed how a lot of trolls compared their own injuries to her and judged her for remaining active.

"The fact is, yes I have [been active] and yes I can. Why? Because I'm not going to sit there moaning and ringing the bell like 'Can someone help me?'.

"No. Life goes on. I broke my feet, deal with it. Get on with it."

Katie is likely to remain in the casts for six months and could take up to two years to recover from her injuries.

In that time she will have to learn to walk again and faces the risk of serious arthritis

The star has been getting around in a Swarovski crystal-studded wheelchair after breaking both her feet in an accident in Turkey.

She's currently facing six months of recovery in plaster casts following the horror injury, which happened when she jumped over a wall at a theme park.

After shattering both her feet, and being patched up in a six-hour operation, Katie needs to keep her weight off her feet in order to recover.

Thankfully she's determined not to lose her Pricey sass along the way, with the Sun Online exclusively revealing she's using the eye-catchingly lavish chair, accessorised by the BiGDUG Company, to get around.

A source was first to tell us of the chair, and stated “It took 70 hours labour to make and has 6,000 Crystals applied by hand – it's easily worth £10k.”

The injury has left Katie in so much pain that she's lost half a stone in just five days.

A source told us: "Katie's on all these pain medications but she just can't sleep she's in so much pain.

"She's gone off her food, which is unlike her, and has lost half a stone since the operation.

"She was already tiny, so everyone's trying to tempt her into eating again as she can't lose much more."

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