Game of Thrones fans heartbroken as favourite character is killed in final episode

GAME of Thrones fans were left “heartbroken” and “fuming” as Daenerys Targaryen was killed in the last ever episode.

The Mother of Dragons was knifed through the heart by none other than Jon Snow, who had repeatedly sworn allegiance to his “Queen”.

The former King in the North drew Daenerys in for a kiss – but only so he could get close enough to stab her with a hidden blade.

In the heartbreaking scene, Daenerys’ last remaining dragon – Drogon – was seen grieving over her dead body.

Drogon then put an end to the question of who would sit on the Iron Throne next – as the beast reduced it to ash by unleashing a jet of flames.

Jon Snow was left with no choice but to slay Daenerys after she slaughtered thousands of innocent lives in the capital – King's Landing.

The Mother of Dragons' claim to the Iron Throne has always been dogged by her father's reputation as the Mad King.

Daenerys always insisted was was nothing like her dad and worked tirelessly for the good of the people – freeing slaves and winning loyal followers along her way.

But during series 8 episode 5, Daenerys, who is played by Emilia Clarke, lost her second dragon and witnessed the execution of her beloved advisor Missandei.

The double heartache caused something to snap in the Dragon Queen.

While sacking the capital, Tyrion pleaded with the Queen to stop her attack if she hears bells that signal the city's surrender.

But Daenerys ignored the bells and razed the city to the ground – murdering thousands of innocent men, women and children.

In an emotional post ahead of the finale, Emilia Clarke said she she wishes her dad was alive to see how the series "shaped her as a woman".

The actress admitted she felt "overwhelmed" writing about what the show meant to her as she thanked her "magical" fans.

Paying tribute to the series that changed her life, Emilia told fans: "Finding the words to write this post has left me overwhelmed with how much I want to say but how small words feel in comparison to what this show and Dany have meant to me.

"The mother of dragons chapter has taken up the whole of my adult life.

"This woman has taken up the whole of my heart. I’ve sweated in the blaze of dragon fire, shed many tears at those who left our family early, and wrung my brain dry trying to do Khaleesi and the masterful words, actions (and names) I was given, justice.

"Game of Thrones has shaped me as a woman, as an actor and as a human being. I just wish my darling dad was here now to see how far we’ve flown.

"But to you, dear kind magical fans, I owe you so much thanks, for your steady gaze at what we’ve made and what I’ve done with a character that was already in the hearts of many before I slipped on the platinum wig of dreams. Without you there is no us.

"And now our watch has ended."

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