Game of Thrones' Jaime and Brienne Share Another Huge Season 8 Moment

Looks like Ray Charles was right: Knight time really is the right time to be with the one that you love.

Sunday’s Game of Thrones contained many interludes that we’re still trying to process. But there’s one moment that made so much sense that we recognized and welcomed it the minute we realized it was about to happen: Brienne and Jaime’s love scene.

In the beginning of Episode 4, Brienne and Jaime both got rather intoxicated during a post-Battle of Winterfell victory dinner. During a particularly revealing round of a drinking game that Tyrion made up, in which participants tried to guess personal secrets about one another, Tyrion guessed that Brienne was a virgin — and the game abruptly ended there, after a sheepish Brienne excused herself to use the bathroom (much to Tormund’s chagrin).

Jaime then followed Brienne to her quarters, and their slightly uncomfortable banter in front of the fire soon gave way to a rather intimate scene. “[Tormund] was very sad when you left,” Jaime informed Brienne, prompting her to respond, “You sound quite jealous.” (And Jaime agreed that he did.)

Then, after remarking that the roaring fire had made Brienne’s room rather hot, Jaime removed his shirt, then helped Brienne do the same.

“I’ve never slept with a knight before,” Jaime quipped, to which Brienne replied, “I’ve never slept with anyone before.” And with that, Jaime brought her in for a passionate kiss… and the next time we saw them a few scenes later, they were lying in bed, and Brienne’s previous sentence was clearly no longer accurate.

In case you’re a new viewer, allow us to explain exactly why this particular coupling is such a big deal. And if you’re a seasoned Thrones fan, lay back and enjoy the ride down memory lane. Back when Brienne was working on Catelyn Stark’s behalf, Jaime was Robb Stark’s prisoner. Catelyn charged Brienne with taking Jaime to  King’s Landing to trade him for her daughters Arya and Sansa, whom Catelyn believed Cersei was holding captive.

So Brienne accompanied Ser Jaime, who never missed an opportunity to insult her, poke fun at her looks or remind her that Renly Baratheon had been murdered on her watch. But along the way, a grudging respect began to grow between the pair. Jaime lost his sword hand as a result of stepping up to stop Locke’s men from raping Brienne. In the baths at Harrenhal, Jaime confessed to Brienne that he’d actually killed Mad King Aerys to save King’s Landing and his own family from death. Later, Jaime gave up his own freedom to jump to Brienne’s aid when she was mocked and tossed into a pit to fight a bear… and that was all back before Season 4!

In the time since then, Brienne and Jaime have developed the closest thing to friendship either of them have had — and though the show has had some fun with whether or not the fighters have feelings for each other (Cersei’s question at Joffrey’s wedding, Bronn’s to-the-point musing outside Riverrun), the closest thing we’ve gotten to consummation was the emotionally intense scene earlier this season when Jaime made Brienne an official knight on the eve of the Battle of Winterfell.

Anyway, we know we watched it, but we’re still in a little bit of (happy) shock about Jaime and Brienne’s hook-up. Video of the exchange will be added as soon as it becomes available. But before the afterglow fades, hit the comments with your thoughts about the big scene!

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