Garden Rescue star Charlie Dimmock says she’s too old to get married

Garden Rescue star Charlie Dimmock has opened up about why she is entirely uninterested in marrying anyone – and it might surprise you!

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The TV personality, who is a gardening national treasure, opened up about the love life to the Independent back in 2016, explaining: “I’m way past marriage at this point. I’m going to be 50 this year. Even sharing a house with someone would be a no for me. 

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She continued: “I like my own company. I like to do what I want to do, I’m very selfish like that. I don’t mind fitting in a bit, but I like to be able to get away and have the house to myself.” 

The star also told the Daily Mail: “I’m too old now, certainly too old for marriage, there’s no point. I do think I’m too old now. I can’t see anything happening when it comes to romance; somebody would have to really bowl me over. I am quite content without a man in my life.”

Charlie has previously opened up about her love life

Charlie was previously in a relationship with viticulturist John Mushet. Although John referred to her as “the missus” during their relationship, the pair were never married and split in 2001 after Charlie had a fling with Ground Force microphone operator Andy Simmons.

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During an interview with the Daily Mail shortly after news of her affair went public, Charlie revealed that she had no regrets about what happened, telling the paper: “We’ve talked to each other a few times since we broke up. I don’t see Andy any more, but I don’t regret what happened. You wouldn’t do anything if you kept worrying about what might go wrong.”

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