GB News host threatens to kick off guest in fiery Brexit row not having this

Michelle Dewberry clashes with GB News over ‘snide comments’

Michelle Dewberry threatened to kick Micheal Crick off her GB News show on Thursday as she fumed over his “snide comments”.

It came as Michael stated: “I suspect now, well I don’t just suspect, polls now suggest – which Alan [Miller] keeps going on about and keeps maintaining he’s on the pulse of the British public – and the British public are actually rather regretting leaving the EU.

“Starmer has caught the climate there and we will see what happens -“

“Excuse me,” Michelle cut in, “Don’t make that statement and start talking about Starmer, how do you know?”

“Well, you made the statement saying he’d put his foot in it!” Michael hit back before adding: “And remember Ofcom is on your case!”

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“Well good, do you know what? Good for Ofcom,” Michelle fumed.

She continued: “We are regulated in the same way -“

“Not if they had a backbone!” Michael interrupted.

“You might be able to make these snide comments in other places, but you don’t make them on my watch, I’m afraid,” Michelle warned him.

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“If they had any backbone!” Michael repeated, laughing.

“We are regulated… if they had any backbone what?” asked Michelle.

Micheal argued: “If they had any backbone to regulate you properly… And I see that-“

“No, finish your sentence,” Michelle demanded, to which Michael answered: “I did finish the sentence, it ended with the word ‘properly.'”

“Right, I will be absolutely clear right, because I’m not having this, I’m being told to move on-” Michelle explained before Michael began to mock her.

“I’m not having this,” he mimicked as an infuriated Michelle replied: “Don’t be patronising to me, Michael, I’ll kick you off the show, I’ll tell you that for free.”

“Alright, I’ll go now,” the broadcaster offered.

“If you want to go now, go now, I’ll sit and talk to Alan Miller…” Michelle remarked.

“But I mean, look at him, you two attack me nonstop, you’re not an impartial presenter-” Michael began.

“Do you know what, you’ve behaving like an adolescent – ‘you two attack me,'” Alan interjected.

“Right, I am going… I’m going to-” Michelle started before Michael cut in: “You’re going? Right, well I’ll take over then!”

“Excuse me. I know you think you’re hilarious…” Michelle seethed.

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