Georgia May Foote reveals how ‘awful break up’ from ‘abusive’ ex George Alsford made her lonely and depressed – The Sun

GEORGIA May Foote has called her relationship with model ex George Alsford "abusive" and said their "awful" break up left her "lonely and depressed".

The ex Corrie actress, 28, took to her Instagram story last night to share her own struggles as part of Mental Health Awareness Week.

Reflecting on the tough time she faced, Georgia explained: "In 2018 I came home from London. I came out of a very awful break up through an abusive relationship.

"I came out thinking very lowly of myself. I got very depressed, I questioned everything about myself, about life, about my career, about my friends and my family.

"I felt very lonely and was having panic attacks all the time.

"There was a time when I thought I generally can't do this. It was hurting me inside."

The soap star told how she was referred to a service called Healthy Minds, in Bury, which she credits with saving her life.

She continued: "I was always a bit sceptical, but I'm telling you, I might not have been here without that service, alongside my friends and family, being open and talking about it."

Earlier this year Georgia warned fans not to be controlled by their lovers.

The star, who is now in a happy relationship with up-and-coming rapper Kris Evans, was dumped early in 2018 by catwalk model George, and she has also dated her former Corrie co-star Sean Ward.

During a Q&A on Instagram, one fan asked: “How do you cope with break-ups and stay positive.”

Georgia revealed: “Trust me I didn’t. As my relationships where (sic) the actual worst. But you pick yourself up. U come into this world and leave this world by yourself.

“So don’t let someone else control the time and happiness you have on this earth.”

Another follower asked her: “How do you cope with your anxiety at the start of a new relationship? I just don’t feel good enough!”

Georgia told the fan: “I feel you love. Its bloody hard.

"But as long as u are sure of urself it should be ok. Sayin that im a pain in the arse and I worry about that too.”

Georgia recently posted how she never thought she'd find someone like boyfriend Kris "after what I've been through".

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