GMB viewers stunned as cricket legend Michael Holding shouts 'b******s' live on air – forcing Ben Shephard to apologise

CRICKET legend Michael Holding this morning shouted "b******s" live on air – forcing GMB host Ben Shephard to apologise.

While the early-morning swearing stunned viewers, many praised the West Indies star for his passionate speech about fighting against racism.

Talking about his new book, Why We Kneel, How We Rise, Micheal said: "As a young man growing up at school, I was never taught anything good about what black people or people of colour.

"I have since discovered all the great things they have done that have been airbrushed out of history because they don't suit the narrative of white superiority of what people want to portray.

"Until we teach all of history so that everyone – black and white – can understand the true history of mankind, we will continue to have struggles.

"We have people growing up, subconsciously or not, thinking that they are superior to other races.

"We have some growing, subconsciously or not, that they think they are inferior to other races.

"That is a load of b******s as you would say."

Cutting in, Ben told viewers: "We need to apologise as we can't use, unfortunately, that word first thing in the morning.

"But everyone understands the sentiment behind what you're trying to say."

Michael insisted: "I am very sorry."

Ben defended Michael's swearing, saying: "We can see how passionate you are about it."

His sympathetic co-host Susanna Reid added: "It's a reflection of your strength of feeling."

Viewers agreed, with one saying: "Yes Mikey Holding, smashing it on the #GMB this morning, throwing out “b******s” at 07:50, tremendous."

Another added: "Can't beat some b*****s in the morning #GMB."

Someone else said: "OMG! I love that word, but still #GMB."

"Lol he just said b******s at 7.50am on TV," another added.

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