Gogglebox's Mary says show 'saved' her marriage to Giles after years of 'passing like ships in the night'

GOGGLEBOX saved the marriage of beloved couple Mary Killen and Giles Wood.

The fan favourites who nicknamed each other 'Nutty' were like "were like ships that pass in the night" with the marriage teetering on collapse before appearing on Gogglebox.

But appearing on the beloved Channel 4 show brought them back together.

"Giles and I were like ships that pass in the night. I got up early, he went to bed late and we rarely even ate together," Mary told The Daily Star.

"Sitting down and watching television reminded us how much we enjoyed the same jokes."

The couple who live in Wiltshire also revealed that lockdown was a breeze for them, even though many couples suffered during the difficult time.

She said:  “Lockdown wasn’t a great hardship for us; more like an open prison with comfortable beds, but I know a few couples who have split up because they have decided they can’t stand one another."

The couple dubbed each other 'Nutty' because they believed they're both a "bit mad".

The couple who have won the hearts of the nation thanks met when they were just 21, when Giles was studying at Wimbledon Art School and Mary was working as a model.

Before their Gogglebox debut, Giles dedicated his life to art and is an acclaimed artist, while Mary is a journalist whose columns feature in a number of different publications.

The couple joined Gogglebox in 2015 for the fifth series and have been an integral part of the much-loved Channel 4 show ever since.

Fans have fallen in love with their quirky views, eccentric style choices and their adorable nicknames for each other.

Mary has spoken out about finding fame on Gogglebox; in a column for The Spectator she explained: "The public's reaction is entirely benign. People approach me, their faces wreathed in smiles. 'You're Mary from Gogglebox, aren't you? I just want to say – your husband makes us laugh."

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