Grange Hill's Trisha Yates actress Michelle Herbert is unrecognisable 44 years later after quitting showbiz

ANY Grange Hill diehard fan will certainly remember rebellious and tenacious Trisha Yates.

But after four years on the teen soap, actress Michelle Herbert retreated from the spotlight before quitting showbiz altogether.

With the promise of a Grange Hill movie, teased by creator Phil Redmond in a recent interview with The Guardian, fans of the show are going wild wondering which former stars could be making a return.

Much like Gonch Gardner, it's unlikely that bad girl Trisha will be back to cause any more mischief as acting is very much a part of Michelle's past.

After appearing in the BBC programme, she decided to give up acting and began working for a major sweet manufacturer.

She still managed to make a one-off return in the final episode of Tucker's Luck in 1983, a Grange Hill spin-off based on Tucker's character, portrayed by Todd Carty.

In the mid-1990's, however, Michelle broadened her horizons by moving away to Dundee in Scotland, where she began running her own glazing business, Dundee Glaziers All Glass and Glazing, alongside her husband.

The couple even share two daughters.

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But like many other former Grange Hill alumni, she has had her share of obstacles.

While she was in a hotel room, during a family holiday in Rome, Michelle spotted a small dimple on her breast in May, 2015.

She was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer and had to undergo a mastectomy.

Michelle has since been adamant on raising public awareness around the lesser-known symptoms of breast cancer, urging women to check for dimples.

Speaking of her ordeal to The Express, in September, 2015, Michelle explained she found her own whilst she was drying her hair.

"It was one of those hairdryers attached to the wall by the mirror, so I had to lift my arms up", she said.

"As I was just out of the shower, I didn't have a top on – that's when I noticed there was a small dimple on my breast."

"It was only there when I lifted my arms up, and when I put them down by my side again, it was gone."

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Michelle – whose family has a history of breast cancer -rushed to her GP as soon as she made her way back to the UK.

The visit only highlighted her worry around lesser-known signs of the illness.

"All the breast cancer campaigns focus on looking for lumps but I didn't have any", she remembered.

"All I had was dimpling of the skin – it's not something you'd notice on a daily basis."

"Even my doctor wasn't sure there was something wrong just by looking at me."

A mammogram, an ultrasound and a biopsy then confirmed she had a medium growth tumour "which was 6mm in size."

She was given the all-clear in August, 2015.

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