Gutted Katie Price reveals what Nikki Grahame said in her final voicenote message before she died

KATIE Price has revealed what Nikki Grahame said in the final message left for her before her tragic death last week.

The 42-year-old explained that the Big Brother star recorded a voicenote on her Instagram account asking her to visit – but that she didn't get it in time.

Former Big Brother star Nikki sadly passed away last week aged 38 after a three-decade battle with anorexia.

Katie told Steph's Packed Lunch today: "I'm so gutted about Nikki. I've known her for years and she's so funny.

"I was in The Priory last year and people took hold of my Instagram and deleted everyone off. Sometimes you lose touch with people.

"On the day she died I looked on my Instagram – I don't know why I did but it was really weird – and there was an unopened voice message on there to me.

"I hadn't realised, where I'd been going into hospital for my feet she was there.

"She was saying: 'I know you're here a lot, come and see me,  I really want to see you. I'm sorry about your feet' and this and that.

"I never heard it and of course if I had I'd have gone to see her. I didn't know that every week I was passing the same place as her. I'm really gutted about it."

Katie has been in and out of hospital in recent months after breaking both her feet in a nightmare fall in Turkey.

She said she didn't want to disclose everything in the note, telling Steph McGovern: "I’m not going to say what was in the message because I still respect what she said."

Katie, who was on the Channel 4 programme to talk about her mum Amy's terminal illness, added that she had suffered a nightmare year of bad news.

She said: "I've lost so many people, not just to Covid, this year.

"One of my friends got murdered – she was from Brighton and owned a restaurant, you may have seen it in the paper."

"We've lost two people to Covid, now we've lost Nikki."

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