Halle Berry, 54, looks stunning as she goes makeup-free in new video

HALLE Berry has showed off her youthful skin by going makeup-free in her latest Instagram post.

Halle, 54, took to social media to give her fans a glimpse into her skincare routine and how she stays glowing.

Revealing that she uses products by Olga Lorencin Skincare, Halle filmed a video alongside the founder who she described as "my longtime dear friend".

"I’m happy to introduce everyone to you because over the years everybody has always said to me, 'how does your skin look like that? What’s your magic? What’s your secret?' Halle explained.

The ladies then give Halle's followers a step-by-step guide to the actress's routine and explain that exfoliating is key.

The mom-of-two then adds: "You have to do it relentlessly and religiously, that’s what I stress to everyone.

"You can’t decide to have good skincare two days a week and then the rest of the week, it goes to crap. It has to be a ritual."

Revealing she uses three products first off for a deep detox, Halle says: "I use my kids silicone muffin baking tins," to mix the products together.

The Monster's Ball star then goes on to make some funny noises as she applies a charcoal product that is hot on the skin.

Halle and Olga then apply homemade honey to their skin along with a face mask, before going on to explain the benefits of honey.

Revealing that a good skincare routine can be really simple, Halle says: "And it shouldn’t take too much time. I think people get afraid. If you do find a regime that’s really simple, I know that’s helped me over the years – especially since I’ve had children."

As the two women wipe their faces clean, Halle tells her followers: "So, there you go, thank you everybody for joining us for our first edition of Respin your skin.

"I know that times are hard right now, and people don’t have a lot of extra money but don’t let your care for yourself slip through the cracks during this time.

"And you can find ways to take care of yourself, for yourself, by yourself, during this strange time of Covid."

The actress even gives fans the ingredients for making their own masks at home and says: "I definitely stand by the investment of Olga’s at home kits, BUT if you’re looking for a more affordable option? Olga loves a simple at-home recipe."

The video was Halle's first instalment of her Respin series, which is a digital health and wellness community created by the actress.

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