Hannah Waddinghams height has worked in her favour for major TV roles

Hannah Waddingham says Brett Goldstein has ‘banned’ her from attending his comedy gigs

Hannah Waddingham is an internationally acclaimed musical theatre performer and award-winning actress who will be overseeing proceedings at the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool.

Known for her role in Ted Lasso, she has also starred in West End and Broadway musicals and some huge films.

Stepping away from her day job for the weekend, she is excited to host Eurovision and shared some behind-the-scenes moments on Instagram.

After meeting King Charles she said: “And so the Pinch me moments continue! What an honour to see you again Your Majesty, in the run-up to your long-awaited, glorious coronation.

“So wonderful to have you here today to celebrate the beginning of @bbceurovision in sunny Liverpool.”

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Fans commented on her “class and elegance” as she wore a fuchsia jumpsuit, with her hair pinned up.

Viewers may have noticed Hannah is much taller than her Eurovision co-stars, standing at 5ft 11inches, which is 180cm.

Celeb Heights quoted her as once saying of her role in Benidorm: “I’m 5ft 11in anyway and then they gave me 4in heeled shoes so I felt absolutely enormous.”

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The 48-year-old’s fame is partly down to her tall stature as she certainly stands out from the crowd.

When she auditioned for her role as Septa Unella in Game of Thrones, she was eight months pregnant.

The star said in previous interviews she did not think she would get the part as she was pregnant and very tall.

In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, she said: “I think they wanted a shorter, more heavyset older woman.”

Her character was originally described as a “hulking brute of a woman”.

Hannah thought: “Well, they’re clearly not going to pick me! I’m far too glamorous!”

But the show’s director, David Nutter, decided to give her the role as her height allowed her to tower over her costars which is exactly what he wanted.

The Eurovision semi-finals are airing on the BBC on May 9 and 11, with the grand final on May 13.

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