Helen Skelton reveals her kids' hilarious reaction to fame after run-in with fan in the street

HELEN Skelton has revealed her kids' hilarious reaction to fame after meeting a fan in the street.

The Countryfile presenter has two children with her rugby player husband Richie Myler, Ernie, six and Louis, four.

Helen, 37, has been a staple on British TV since joining Blue Peter in 2008, but in an exclusive chat with The Sun Online, she admitted her boys aren't bothered about what she does for a living.

She said: "My kids are like ‘ugh, why is a cameraman here?’ They’re not bothered."

However, the same can't be said for when Helen bumps into fans in the street.

She explained: "I do find it funny, someone said to me the other day ‘Are you Helen Skelton’ and I said yeah and my youngest went ‘No, she’s my mummy’.

"And my youngest doesn’t like it if someone asks me for a picture." 

Helen has a busy schedule with her various TV projects, but she revealed she won't take on a gig if it interferes with her childcare plans.

She said: "[It's] 100 per cent a factor. I was very lucky that when we had Ernie, we moved to France for my husband’s work.

"We were there for the best part of three years and so I was lucky because from him being born, I got that time to be with him and I think since then that’s always been important to me." 

Helen continued: "I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, I love my job and there are some things you can’t say no to, but equally,[childhood] it goes like that.

"I definitely make decisions on how much I can be at home. Work is important but I’d be useless at work if I never saw my kids."

With this in mind, it's no surprise that Helen plans to spend as much time with her kids and Richie as possible over summer, and has teamed up with sun care brand Soltan to encourage other parents to do the same.

Soltan wants to inspire families to get outside this summer, and be sun safe at the same time.

Helen said: "Getting outside and enjoying nature is great for physical and mental wellbeing, I have always been someone who has made the most of the great outdoors and enjoy an adventure.

"I think over the last 18 months we have exhausted our ideas bank, so I have teamed up with Soltan to come up with some top tips to help parents this summer – from fossil hunting and obstacle courses to cloud spotting and treasure hunts – all whilst safe in the knowledge that Soltan is offering sun protection for the whole family.” 

Helen's top tips for outdoor family fun can be viewed on the Boots UK YouTube channel and customers can save 1/3 on Soltan Family Packs throughout the summer at boots.com/soltan.

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