Heres a look at the link between Tommy and Darius in Happy Valley

Happy Valley: Lorraine shares first look at thrilling new episode

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WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from Happy Valley season 3, episode 5

Happy Valley is nearly at an end now with next week seeing the battle between Catherine Cawood (played by Sarah Lancashire) and Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) reaches its conclusion. This evening’s (January 29) episode saw Sally Wainwright really up the ante on her BAFTA-winning series with viewers reeling from all the twists and turns. But there was one big question about the episode which has left some viewers puzzled: Tommy’s friendship with mob boss Darius Knezevic (Alec Secareanu).

How do Tommy Lee Royce and Darius know each other?

Darius personally collected Tommy after the psychopath was aided in his escape from court.

He told Tommy after retrieving him: “I didn’t want anyone else to pick you up. I wanted mine to be the first friendly face you see.”

There was a brotherly affection between the pair with Tommy going so far as to hug Darius for helping him out.

The duo chatted and were on very familiar terms with Darius completely aware of Tommy’s situation regarding his son Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah) and Catherine.

Darius had sorted out Tommy with passports and money to flee to Spain with Ryan, but the mobster refused to supply him with a gun to kill Catherine.

The godfather advised Tommy to leave behind Catherine and just focus on trying to get Ryan and go to Marbella eventually.

Darius said all sorts could “kick off” if Tommy killed Catherine but he said getting even with the police officer was just as important as getting to Marbella.

Tommy was left angry when Darius refused to get him a gun to “fix” Catherine, explaining his sinister plan to execute her.

“We had a deal. I sorted my side of things beautifully, to the letter. All that bare-faced s*** about Chris Oxley,” Tommy told Darius.

This line suggests the pair struck a deal in which Tommy agreed to name the Kneževićs’ Oldham rival Chris Oxley as the one who killed Gary Gaggoski.

Tommy was present at Gary’s murder and could have named Darius and his family, finally pinning something on the slippery mobster.

The police were convinced Darius had killed Gary but they needed cooperation from Tommy.

However, Tommy worked with Darius and offered up a different name top keep the Kneževićs out of it.

In exchange, Tommy was given of a new life in Spain with his son, which it appears he readily took up.

Both Tommy and Darius have known each other for years with the pair committing crimes together, including Gary’s murder and so building up an affinity.

Although they may not have seen each other often, there was a sense of trust between them.

Moreover, judging from the fact Darius didn’t want to fall out with Tommy over Catherine, they wanted to remain amicable.

Tommy was previously banged up for eight years for drugs-related offences, which again alludes to the Kneževićs who having been running the illegal narcotics trade in Yorkshire for years.

The character may even have been a corner boy for the Kneževićs the first time he was locked up, this suggests Tommy and Darius may even have grown up together.

Tommy is a long-time associate and even friend to Darius with the pair going through the wars together in their formative years.

The criminal seemed to actually listen to Darius and for the first time, he appeared to be straight-talking with him.

Apart from Darius, Ryan was the only other person Tommy seemed to let his guard down around, showing their connection.

Happy Valley season 3 concludes on BBC One on Sundays at 9pm

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