Holly Willoughby is a secret hoarder telling shocked Vanessa Feltz her home is full of old clothes and birthday cards

HOLLY Willoughby has revealed that she is a secret hoarder, telling shocked Vanessa Feltz that her home is full of old clothes and birthday cards.

The 40-year-old star was jokingly branded "unreasonable" by her This Morning co-star as she made the revelation during today's show.

Discussing an upcoming opportunity for viewers who need help decluttering their lives, Holly confessed: "Can I enter this one?

"I'm reading it going: 'This is me, this is actually my life.'"

Vanessa exclaimed: "Are you a hoarder?!"

Looking sheepish, Holly explained: "I am not very good at giving away old clothes and stuff and I just build them up."

As Vanessa listened with her mouth open in shock, the TV favourite went on: "I have drawers that fill up – and birthday cards!

"I can't chuck out birthday cards, so I've got years and years of birthday cards."

Vanessa replied: "You need help, you're unreasonable – you're definitely unreasonable!"

Holly's co-host Phillip Schofield giggled as he reassured the mother-of-three that the segment wasn't a personal attack on her, saying: "It's not about you."

The beauty shamefully put her head in her hands and replied: "I know but it felt like it in my head!"

As he went over the details of the opportunity to get a room de-cluttered again, Phil told fans at home: "You've got to be quick as obviously Holly will be top of the list!"

Holly occasionally shares glimpses at her chic London home on Instagram, with the star living with husband Dan Baldwin and their three children.

It has a light and airy feel to it, and she has always been sure to keep any clutter firmly out of shot.

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