Home and Aways Justin faces kidnap horror as explosion rips through Summer Bay

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    An explosive week is coming to Home and Away as several lives hang in the balance.

    After a vulnerable young Andrew is kidnapped by the dangerous cult, Vita Nova, Justin goes on a solo rescue mission to bring the youngster back to Summer Bay.

    But Justin (James Stewart) is left fighting for his life when he is attacked, captured and locked up by the vicious group.

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    Back in the Bay, a distraught Leah (Ada Nicodemou) enlists the help of resident police officer Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) to try and track down Justin.

    Both aware of the murderous lengths Vita Nova will go to protect their community, Leah and Cash begin to fear the worst.

    Also at risk is Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) who heads out to watch a Lyrik concert.

    As she's watching the band back in action, an unknown person pours an unknown substance into her drink.

    As her vision becomes blurred, a hazed Felicity collapses and finds herself alone in a dark and secluded place.

    Elsewhere, Marilyn’s (Emily Symons) battle against corrupt skincare company, Stunning Organics, hits breaking point when a mysterious box addressed to her arrives at the Diner.

    For weeks, Marilyn has been receiving threats, messages and anonymous calls demanding she stop doing interviews speaking out against the corrupt company.

    As Kirby brings the box inside and lets Marilyn know, she remains blissfully unaware of its harrowing contents – a bomb.

    When Marilyn is slow to collect the parcel from the Diner, the box makes its way around the Bay and falls into the hands of several residents.

    When the bomb is finally activated, a countdown timer is triggered.

    When Mali (Kyle Shilling), hears about the bomb threat, he speeds after his friends, who are oblivious to the fact an explosion will occur in minutes.

    As the bomb detonates, it claims the life of one beloved character.

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