How Netflix’s ‘Britney vs Spears’ Documentary Can Help Other Celebrities In Legal Battles

Britney Spears is one of the music industry’s biggest stars. She’s often referred to as the “Princess of Pop.” However, the pop icon has been in the spotlight for more than her music. The public hasn’t always been kind to Spears, but a #FreeBritney movement broke out in response to her conservatorship dispute. Netflix recently released a teaser to their upcoming documentary Britney vs Spears. However, this could mean progress for other celebrities as well.

Netflix’s ‘Britney vs Spears’ teaser trailer hints at the legal battle

The Netflix Twitter page posted an 18-second Britney vs Spears teaser trailer. The documentary is yet another look at the pop icon. However, the teaser clip indicates a closer look at the conservatorship that has been a trending topic. Additionally, it was already in the works before Hulu’s Framing Britney Spears series was announced.

Britney vs Spears‘ clip features Spears’ message to her lawyer in 2009. A full-length trailer is expected to drop on Sept. 22. The premiere date hasn’t been announced, although it will likely be timed with her upcoming court date.

Spears herself has remained out of the media. Instagram was her only way of keeping connected with her fans, which has since been deleted. Audiences will have to wait for when she’s able to make an official statement herself. However, Britney vs Spears will draw more attention to the public legal dispute.

Celebrities can benefit from making legal battles public

Britney vs Spears has the potential to cause a ripple effect. The public has already become heated by her conservatorship dispute. Her fans and peers in the entertainment industry have been incredibly outspoken in coming to the pop icon’s defense.

Scarlett Johansson recently pursued a lawsuit against media giant Disney. She alleged that the company intentionally released Black Widow day-and-date on Disney+ to grow their streaming service, thereby limiting Johansson’s profits on the backend deal of her contract. She made waves across the industry by making this legal matter public. The public and industry backlash aided in Johansson’s intention to change the way that Disney is approaching their distribution strategy during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Celebrities often remain publicly silent regarding legal disputes. Spears’ legal dispute has already been in the public sphere, but a documentary has the ability to shed more light on it and further push public reception. Documentaries have the power of spreading awareness and diving deeper into a subject to instill sympathy in its viewers.

Streaming services provide documentaries with more reach than ever before. Any celebrities who face similar legal battles in the future have the ability to reach the public through documentary filmmaking. Britney vs Spears will offer another informative look into the widely-talked-about legal dispute. Public perception can’t necessarily overturn a legal proceeding, but it can create awareness and change. That is a powerful outlet that documentarians have already been using for a wide array of other subjects.

‘Britney vs Spears’ extends the legal battle’s reach

Britney’s journey isn’t over and Britney vs Spears is simply more exposure for the pop icon. However, the documentary will likely focus on those around her. This establishes even more anticipation to hear statements that she may make in the future. Spears’ fans are eager to see her return back to making music and performing, but free from the conservatorship that has kept her trapped.

Britney vs Spears is directed by Erin Lee Carr, who most recently directed Netflix’s How to Fix a Drug Scandal. She has already earned two SXSW Film Festival nominations for her work on 2017’s Mommy Dead and Dearest. Stay tuned for more information on Britney vs Spears.

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