Is Mitchell gay in Hollyoaks?

Mitchell Deveraux (Imran Adams) is at the centre of one of Hollyoaks’ biggest stories of the year right now, facing a romantic dilemma that could spell the end for his relationship with girlfriend Cleo McQueen (Nadine Mulkerrin).

The young doctor is attracted to Scott Drinkwell’s (Ross Adams) drag persona in the soap, developing feelings for his new friend after supporting him through a breakup with Dr Levi Rochester (Cerith Flinn).

Levi abruptly ended the relationship and made her unwelcome opinions on drag artists clear, causing Scott to find solace in Mitchell’s assurances that he would find someone who fully accepted him.

When Mitchell confided in Scott following an argument with Cleo, the pair exchanged a kiss – leaving Mitchell confused and unsure about his true feelings.

He has admitted to Scott that he doesn’t really know what his feelings mean, drawing an unimpressed response from his potential lover, who lambasts him for getting drunk to deal with his situation.

Will Mitchell and Scott become a couple in Hollyoaks?

Urged to declare his intentions by Scott, Mitchell concludes that he does have strong feelings for him.

Perhaps understandably, that news causes Scott to implore Mitchell to choose between him and Cleo.

We might have a clue as to how things turn out based on the imminent departure of Cleo, with actress Nadine set to leave the set on maternity leave soon.

Discussing the reception the storyline has received from audiences, Hollyoaks’ Imran says he has been encouraged by the response from LGBT groups and viewers as a whole.

Mitchell’s dad, Walter (Trevor A Toussaint), could find it hard to accept his son’s choice if Mitchell decides to officially become an item with Scott.

Earlier this month, his daughter, Martine (Kelle Bryan), confronted Walter and accused him of homophobic behaviour in a scene that also suggested Mitchell could be a twin.

Hollyoaks Producer Bryan Kirkwood says he ‘cannot praise’ Adams enough, calling the actor a superstar and telling ‘It’s a journey for Mitchell that he is on.

‘It’s like Imran opens himself up and you see inside him – he is so raw. I cannot believe our luck with that actor and to play alongside people so loved like Ross Adams and Nadine Mulkerrin and equal them is amazing.

‘No-one is a villain. What is both beautiful and tragic about this story is that both Scott and Mitchell are compromising themselves for love and that’s what’s so engaging.

‘That story is going to run and run; it’s one of my favourites. The feedback from our digital team is that our audience love it because they haven’t seen it before.’

Hollyoaks is next on Channel 4 tonight at 6:30pm.

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