ITV cuts Big Brother live feed after accidentally airing explosive row

Big Brother's live feed was pulled off air on Thursday night after spin-off show Late and Live accidentally aired part of an explosive row.

It seems the drama in the house is heating up again as fans of the ITV2 reality show brace for a huge argument that took place on Thursday night and is expected to be covered in Friday's episode.

Presenter Will Best stumbled across the spat in spin-off Big Brother discussion show Late and Live, which tuned into the live feed from the house at an unexpected moment.

Will told viewers: "Do you know what? I'm going to give you a little treat… let's have a look at what they're doing live right now. Not much is the answer."

However, Will was quickly proved wrong as viewers saw Trish shouting at someone off camera: "So you know who you've been bullying, and who you've been attempting to bully. You are a bully! You are a bully! You're a bully and it's not fair!"

The show cut back to the studio, where Will said: "Oh, hang on! Is there an argument going on? Can you hear what they're saying? The word bully is being bandied about! Wow!"

But the chaos did not end there, as later in the show Will told viewers that the live camera feed from the house had been temporarily cut as things had got "too spicy", suggesting the row escalated further.

Big Brother fans stayed tuned in to the live feed, but reported it being off air for around three hours as the channel showed stock images and played bird song noises, which it uses when the live feed is taken off air.

One viewer commented: "It’s 12am and the live stream is still showing stock images and playing bird song… I hope queen Trish (last seen shouting “your a bully, you are a bully”) is ok."

Someone else posted on X: "Oh well, that's 3 hours of a stock footage and bird noises live stream done. Why I watched the whole thing I'm not sure, but hey, that's what being a BB fan is all about. Excited for tomorrow to get the tea."

Another fan joked: "The birds rehearsing new material because they’ll be putting in a 3 hour shift tonight."

Big Brother has been using the bird noises since it launched in 2000 to cover moments that can't be aired on TV, with one of the most famous live feed cuts coming in 2004 for a huge fight involving Victor Ebuwa and Emma Greenwood that was dubbed Fight Night.

Viewers speculated on what could have happened in Thursday's row as one person commented: "For Trish to use the word bully I think it’s either Paul still picking on Noky or maybe Olivia has been rude towards Yinrun again.. unless it’s Trish vs Dylan round 2. anyways I’m backing my girl Trish no matter what."

Someone else wrote: "We heard Trish calling someone (possibly Olivia or Paul) a bully in a late and live clip at around 10:05. This has been going on for nearly 2 hours now. I don’t just think BB is giving people warnings… surely security have had to step in."

Trish, Paul, Dylan and Noky are all up for eviction in Friday's episode.

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