ITV Tipping Point fans swoon over hot player – but cant believe they won show

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    Tipping Point viewers were left swooning over a handsome contestant on Tuesday's (May 23) episode of the ITV show.

    Viewers welcomed three new players into the studio in a bid to win a hug cash prize from the coin machine, but they were left distracted by “sexy” player Ajay.

    “#tippingpoint hello Ajay. About time we had some hot male totty on ITV daytime,” said one thrilled fan.

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    “Oh my – Ajay's a bit sexy! #tippingpoint,” said a second, while a third chimed in: “Ajay is lush .. hope he wins #tippingpoint.”

    Ajay didn’t get off to a great start in the beginning of the show as he trailed behind fellow players Tina and Brian.

    He made a serious of bizarre decision after admitting he was “scared” to take on his head to head against host Ben Shephard, allowing his competitors to land a considerable lead.

    But in a stroke of luck, the machine was on his side and was able to beat Tina to the punch and make it to the second round.

    After taking on Brian for a spot in the final, he managed to steal a win and soar through, leaving fans delighted.

    But after getting so many answers wrong throughout the game, fans couldn’t help but question how he suddenly managed to become an “overnight genius.”

    “How is Ajay getting all these questions right all of a sudden?” asked one fan.

    “Check Ajay for an ear piece,” joked a second.

    A third griped: “Ajay has suddenly become a fuc**n genius.”

    Another even claimed it could be a fix to help him win.

    “Either Ajay is the cleverest person on the planet or it's a fix,” with another viewer saying he was receiving help by show bosses.

    “Ajay been given the answers by the producers?”

    Elsewhere some fans were complaining about some of the questions on the show, with many dubbing them way too easy.

    Some of the questions asked were “100 is written as a 1 followed by how many zeroes?”

    To which one fans replied: “F*** OFF ITV!!” followed by a gif of a man banging his head on a table.

    Another question asked was “what word follows the statement ‘on your marks, get set…” with the answer being “go.”

    One player even got the answer wrong to what fans dubbed an easy question when asked what Q stands for – with the answer being headquarters.

    Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV1 and ITVX at 4pm

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