Jack Fincham reveals shocking way he found out about Dani Dyer split

Jack Fincham has revealed the shocking way he found out about Dani Dyer's Instagram break-up message.

Last year, fans were shocked after Love Island winner Dani revealed that they had split up .

But it looks like Jack had no idea that she would post about it on Instagram, which left Jack hurt and embarrassed.

Tonight on the last episode of their three-part ITVBe series Jack and Dani: Life After Love Island, Jack reveals the moment he found out about the message in front of his mates at the pub.

This led to everyone "staring at [him] with their mouths open".

"This is going to annoy me because…you know why it annoys me, because I don’t like to put things on social media ever about personal stuff. That’s why I’m getting the hump," Jack says.

Dani responds: "I’d rather just be honest and say I f***ed up. Can I just do that please? I’m just going to say I f***ed up.”

She goes on to say that it was a "horrible thing" but that she had thought they were over and that there was "no going back".

"I didn’t realise how much it would affect you Jack, I genuinely didn’t," Dani says. "Obviously, I thought we was over. You have to put things out. It’s not like he didn’t know, he knew we were over at that point. It was horrible, I don’t want to upset anyone, it makes me sad."

Jack explains: " I was in the pub actually, with my mates. Everyone started staring at me with their mouths open. I looked and you had put that thing up and I just thought ‘f***ing hell’ and because everyone was saying it to me I thought it must be real.

"So, the fact that I thought that it was real made me realise actually I don’t ever want to split up with you."

But Dani insists: "I didn’t really realise how big it would be. I just feel like we’re still really normal people. We are stubborn, we’re very hot headed, we say things we don’t mean. Yeah, I did make a mistake and I got a lot of hate and a lot of negativity, so it wasn’t very nice for me."

He exclaims: "It wasn’t very nice for me either!”

She insists that he "got a love of love", but he responds: "Yeah but it’s not about that though. Say for example we did split up, it’s not their business."

"No, I know. But people’s opinions…they do affect you because you feel like you owe them something," Dani says.

She continues: "I think going forward we should definitely just live in the moment. Take every day as it comes and not worry and not panic about our relationship."

*Jack and Dani: Life After Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITVBe

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