Jacqueline Jossa admits 'words hurt' and dealing with trolls is a 'constant battle' after being targeted since age 17

JACQUELINE Jossa has admitted that "words hurt" and dealing with online trolls is a "constant battle" after being targeted since she was 17 years old.

The 28-year-old star shot to fame playing Lauren Branning in BBC One soap EastEnders when she was a teen, and has been subjected to cruel abuse over the internet ever since.

Opening up about her experience with trolls in an Instagram Q&A, Jacqueline candidly admitted to being affected by their comments.

A fan had asked: "How do you deal with negative comments towards you?"

Jac shared a beaming mirror selfie as she confessed: "I actually really don't do well with this.

"I stay strong because the good outweighs the bad, but it's a constant battle.

"Since the age of 17 I've had online abuse and negative comments. It's a lot. Words do hurt."

She then sassily added: "I also know I'm a bad bitch so we move" alongside a string of crying-with-laughter emojis.

Earlier this month, Jac revealed that she is targeted by trolls "every day" after one lashed out at her by claiming she had a "double chin".

She told fans: "Every single day without fail there will be someone in the DMs being absolutely vile to me, and there will be someone in the DMs being absolutely vile to every single person that's in the public eye, saying horrible things, getting into their brains.

"There should be something that's done about it. Even something as simple as showing a form of ID before you get a profile.

"We should all be held accountable for our actions. We shouldn't be able to make seven different accounts to abuse the same person, so something should be done about it."

The previous day she'd shared a screenshot of a conversation with a troll who said that she was "getting fat", with Jacqueline retaliating by sending an unflattering photo of herself with a deliberate double chin.

In another post last night, Jacqueline opened up about having therapy to stay strong after a follower asked how she stayed "strong and grounded."

The mother-of-two also credited her family and EastEnders castmates for her attitude, explaining: "My mum would kill me if I lost my head in this crazy industry for one thing.

"But I've been in this world for over 10 years and I was lucky enough to start working super hard, really long hours on EastEnders around super hardworking people. Fame and Insta wasn't a thing.

"I'm strong because in my life I have had things thrown at me, I have learned how to keep my head above water.

"I talk through my problems and I do a lot of work on myself, therapy etc. P.S. I'm not always strong."

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