James Bond reboot director has bad news for fans awaiting the new 007

Daniel Craig ‘wanted to stop after Spectre’ says Broccoli

In just a few months it will have been two years since No Time To Die, which was delayed a year and a half by COVID, hit cinemas.

Daniel Craig bowed out as James Bond rather explosively after a record 16 years in the role, but how long will it be before the next one?

A year ago, franchise boss Barbara Broccoli shared that filming on Bond 26 would be at least two years away.

Now 12 months on and we decided to ask Martin Campbell, who directed the last two 007 reboots in 1995’s GoldenEye starring Pierce Brosnan and 2006’s Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig.

The 79-year-old has said in interviews over the last year how he’d be open to introducing a new Bond star for a third time with the next movie, so has he had any conversations yet?

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Speaking exclusively with Express.co.uk to promote the London Action Festival this week, Campbell said: “No, [I’ve not been asked yet]. Look they won’t do Bond [26] for another year, two years to be honest. They space in between. I don’t envy them looking for the next Bond. God knows who will play Bond because it’s very difficult. Also, tonally where do you keep Bond?

“Daniel Craig did a very internalised Bond in some ways; a man clearly complicated psychologically and so forth. And he brought a kind of gravitas to it… I’m sure there are certain people who probably miss the humour and tone of the earlier Bonds, but I think he did a terrific job. He was marvellous.”

Last time around there was a four-year gap between Pierce Brosnan’s Die Another Day and Craig’s Casino Royale, which was released in 2006. The casting announcement was in 2005, so if EON Productions are working on the same timeline perhaps the next Bond will be revealed in 2024 with the film releasing in 2025?

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Asking Campbell how he would reboot Bond a third time if he was given the opportunity, the filmmaker admitted: “I honestly don’t know. Look I think what happens is, when you do a Bond, you go into it and your mind can’t even start working on that scenario until you’re actually prepping it. And it usually takes a long time to prep. Obviously the script process, the sheer size of the movie… Honestly, I don’t what I’d do differently.

This week, the two-time Bond director is taking part in the London Action Festival where he’ll speak at a Q&A during a 25th-anniversary screening of The Mask of Zorro. The 79-year-old will also be on a panel called Anatomy Of A Set Piece, in which he will talk about what he thinks is one of the best action scenes in cinema history.

THE LONDON ACTION FESTIVAL runs from Wednesday 21st – Sunday 25th June. Tickets are on sale now via the website HERE

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