Jeff Brazier’s heartache as sons Bobby, 17, and Freddie, 16, are trolled like late mum Jade Goody

JEFF Brazier has revealed his sons with Jade Goody have become victims of trolling – just as the late Big Brother star did in her lifetime.

The BT Sport host and qualified life coach, 41, described social media as "the bane of every parent's life" and said he is especially worried about how Bobby, 17, and Freddie, 16, are being treated online given the trauma they experienced in childhood.

He told The Sun: "I know they're going to experience it. I think they have at times.

"I know Bobby's pretty good with it. He's able to ignore it.

"Freddie hasn't quite had his moment of prominence, if you like. He's still followed by a ridiculous amount of people for a kid his age, but I don't think he really uses it that much. He just uses it to communicate with friends.

"Of course you worry about these things but keeping the lines of communication open in case something unnecessary is said [is important]. They can share it and we'll work it out together."

Despite his fears, Jeff revealed Bobby, who has over 162,000 followers on Instagram and TikTok thanks also to his modelling career, has helped change people's lives for the better on social media after opening up about his mental health.

The star, who has a new mental health podcast called Only Human, said: "Bobby did a few videos and I had parents messaging me to say 'thank you so much for bringing up such a wonderful son who has said things about his own mental health; my daughter who's struggled, all of a sudden she's going out and exercising'.

"It's so powerful when someone is brave enough to say 'this is what I find difficult, but this is what I do about it.

"That's probably the thing I'm most proud of. For a 17-year-old, it's not necessarily the trodden path, so I was absolutely buzzing for him."

In November, Bobby said he has his late mum to thank for his model good looks as he quickly became sought after by fashion brands and glossy magazines.

He told MailOnline: "I look like my mum, I'm always being told that by everyone. I have her lips and smile – and her eyes.

"The rest of me is dad's. As I grow up I'm starting to look more like him."

Bobby was just five years old and Freddie four when Jade died from cervical cancer in 2009, aged 27.

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