Jeremy Clarkson flabbergasted over the low profit achieved by Diddly Squat Farm

Jeremy Clarkson is shocked by the low profits of his new farm.

After taking on a farm as a complete rookie Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? presenter Jeremy Clarkson has shared he is baffled by the costs involved.

He has admitted that his farm is an "expensive failure".

Amazon Prime TV show, Clarkson’s Farm, has documented Jeremy’s learning process of farm life.

The broadcaster, 61, may have achieved success with the TV show’s viewing figures but his passion project seems to have not.

The Diddly Squat farm shop may be attracting hundreds of fans every week but it may unfortunately be unsustainable.

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In the final episode of Clarkson’s Farm, it was revealed that Jeremy had made just £144 in his first year of the business, after deducting huge costs from his profits.

Some of which was a £40,000 Lamborghini tractor that Jeremy later realised was far too big for his barn.

Jeremy’s land agent, Charlie Ireland said: "It hasn’t been a great year for farming, generally…

"I read in The Times that it’s been the worst year for farmers since 1976."

He added: "Last year, we made £226,000 from crop sales — that’s before any costs.

"And this year’s 137,000, so £90,000 lower from the same area."

While discussing the costs from Diddly Squat farm, it was revealed Jeremy had spent £14,000 on seeds, £34,000 on fertiliser and £20,000 on sprays – with a grand total spending of £68,601.

"And then there’s £68,457 of costs," said Charlie.

He went on to tell Jeremy: "So you’ve made £144 profit from the arable farm."

Responding to the shocking discovery, Jeremy said: "Fortunately, we have this subsidy, when that goes, what are farmers going to do?"

Previously, former Top Gear star Jeremy had admitted that financial woes were not something concerning him for the time being.

He also revealed how he often has to throw away produce, saying: "I throw away all the stuff I picked the day before because it doesn’t sell because no one likes vegetables these days."

Clarkson’s Farm series one is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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