Jessa Duggar slammed as 'ridiculous' for changing deviled eggs to 'angel eggs' after mom Michelle 'didn't like the name'

COUNTING On fans slammed Jessa Duggar for refusing to use the name deviled eggs for her food dish and instead referring to them as “angel eggs.”

The 28-year-old revealed her religious mom Michelle Duggar changed the name of them when she was younger.

In a new clip from Tuesday’s Counting On Easter special, Counting Now: A New Life, Jessa is getting ready for the holiday by dyeing some eggs with her kids.

The mom of three, who is currently pregnant with her fourth child with husband Ben Seewald, shared that she’d never dyed eggs with her kids before but always loved doing it when she was a kid.

“Today I am dyeing eggs with the kids, and we’re going to take those over to my family’s house,” she said. 

Jessa added: “We’re gonna be having an Easter brunch together, and we’re going to use these there to make angel eggs.”

After using the uncommon term, the TLC star explained that when she was growing up, her mom told her: “I don’t like the name deviled eggs. These are so yummy, they should be called angel eggs.”

When Michelle put her foot down and made the name change, it just “kind of stuck” and now it’s what they refer to the dish.

Fans slammed the Duggars, who are known for abiding by strict religious and modesty rules, for being unable to simply call them deviled eggs.

Rerefencing when some people used to call french fries by a different name, one Twitter user wondered: “Is that kind of like freedom fries? It sounded about as ridiculous as freedom fries.”

Another sarcastically put words into Jessa’s mouth and wrote: “‘Look at me! I don't understand the origins of words and people seem to love it!’”

A third said: “It’s probably more to do with their ‘faith’ that she didn’t like the word ‘deviled.

“🙄 this is the dumbest thing I’ve heard/read today.”

Others also called the name change “ridiculous” and joked that it almost made their eyes “roll out of [their] head.”

Jessa – who shares children, Spurgeon, five, Henry, four, and Ivy, one, with her husband Ben – was slammed earlier this month for not properly strapping her kids in seatbelts in the car.

After she shared a video of herself driving to the airport with them, some followers called her out, explaining "for the non-parents" that the kid's "chest clip" was "too low."

They also said the straps were "coming out from beneath the shoulders" and that the "headrest was too low."

The concerned fans explained the "twist in the strap" could cause a problem and that they were "potentially too loose."

In February, the Jessa and Ben announced to ET they're expecting another child, saying: "After the heartbreaking loss of a baby last year, we’re overjoyed to share that another little Seewald is on the way!

"The pregnancy is going smoothly, and both baby and Jessa are doing well. We are so grateful to God for the precious gift of a new life! 

“The kids are delighted, and we can hardly wait to welcome this little one into our arms this summer."

Jessa also shared a sonogram of her baby and revealed the child’s due this summer.

She captioned the sweet photo: ’We’re looking forward to summertime, and here’s our #1 reason! 

“Thank you, God, for this precious gift! #RainbowBaby”

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