Joker Stairs In Bronx Becoming Tourist Attraction, For Better Or Worse

“I’ve literally fallen down these stairs before,” one online follower warned the public.

"Joker" is becoming a pop culture phenomenon, so it’s no surprise a pivotal scene is taking social media by storm.

Fans, influencers, and everyone in-between are flocking to a set of stairs in Bronx, New York where the titular character — played with soulful intensity by Joaquin Phoenix — first trudges up the steep incline early in the film, then later, in full clown costume and makeup, dances down the steps to Gary Glitter’s "Rock and Roll Part 2" as he continues his descent into madness.

The stairs are located in the Highbridge section of New York City’s northernmost borough, where they connect Shakespearean and Anderson Avenues at West 167th Street. Here, tourists mimic Joaquin’s pose as they take snaps to share on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

One follower even dressed up as Joker and captioned the snap, "Put on a happy face. Halloween is coming my friends!"

But not everyone was joining in on the fun as local residents were quick to warn people about the dangers of the stairs, and of the surrounding neighborhood, according to Time Out New York.

Put on a happy face ? Halloween is coming my friends ? . . . #jokerstairs #joker #jokermovie #bronx #halloween #cosplay #dccomics #gothamcity

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Today’s assignment all about those “stairs”….famously seen in the movie Joker…now turning into a tourist attraction…on W 167th St between Shakespeare/Anderson Avenues in the Highbridge section of the Bronx….the story on @abc7ny #eyewitnessnews #wabc #ch7 #joker #jokerstairs #signaturepose #thestairs #filminglocations #joaquinphoenix #bronx #newyorkcity Your thoughts/best part about the movie?

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"I’ve literally fallen down these stairs before," one online follower warned the public.

"If you wanna get robbed then sure. I grew up there all my life and if you ain’t from there, don’t know people from there then don’t be chillin in the hood," another concerned resident posted.

Others offered a chance for a win on both sides as one wrote, "If you’re coming here don’t just take a picture on our steps, buy something from a local business to support the community."

And that may be a good solution as the tourist attraction could stay popular for quite some time with the movie raking in over $700 million worldwide and poised to become the highest grossing R-rated release in history.

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